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CitySeaCountry is the bilingual travel blog of Christina Leutner about adventures, luxury, roadtrips, as well as vegetarian / vegan food.

Why CitySeaCountry?

When I founded my travel blog CitySeaCountry at the end of 2013, I thought for a long time how to call the blog.
I suddenly remembered the game: City-Country-River, which I loved to play as a kid. (If you meet me somewhere you can ask me for a City-Country-River challenge. 😉 )
Geography has always interested me in school (except when it came to raw material incomes or the GDP * zzz*).
The name CitySeaCountry then came into being.

Cities, but even more the sea, nature, experiences with animals (sharks, Big Five, …) and countries interest me a lot.

I like to discover it in the form of


Blogging / Travel Blogging

Because of my experience in blogging and running an online business, I also teach how to start a blog and everything bloggers need to know to become successful at what they are doing.

Who’s behind CitySeaCountry?

Hi, I’m Christina Leutner. I’m from Austria and I worked as a teacher and principal until a few years ago.

By nature, I’m a very creative, imaginative and curious person.

Traveling has fascinated me for a long time.
At the age of 14, I flew alone to California for the first time to visit my relatives.
Ten years later, I taught two US-Americans for 10 months as a private teacher on a catamaran (18 m long, 8 m wide).
The trip started for me in Croatia. We sailed the Mediterranean Sea, with stops in Sicily, an unplanned visit to Sardinia (I only say: “STORM!”), Malorca, Gibraltar and Gran Canaria.
Then we sailed – as being part of a race – across the Atlantic Ocean (= 15 days only sea around me and in the night millions of stars above me), to arrive before Christmas in St. Lucia in the Caribbean. We spent the next few months at various Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico, BVI’s, Turks & Caicos, Bahamas and then Florida.

Now I travel as much around the world as possible, which is more and more possible because of being a professional blogger and entrepreneur.


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