The Best Road Trips in Europe

This is a collection of the best road trips in Europe we experienced so far at our home continent Europe. (There are a lot more and I´m sure we will do a lot more in the future.) So far: Trust us that the following road trips are the ones you definitely shouldn´t miss while being in Europe. … Read more

White Magic Mountain, Mud Pots And Stinking Fumaroles

Kalifornien Sehenswürdigkeiten: 19 Highlights im Golden State California

From Mount Shasta to the Lassen Volcanic National Park In northern California close to Oregon is the White Mountain (Mount Shasta). The volcano belongs to the highest mountains in California. About 14,179 feet high, Mount Shasta is today known as a place for spiritual people. A legend says inside is a hidden city with advanced beings from Lemuria. Every … Read more

Bodie – California´s Ghost Town

Bodie Ghost Town California

Bodie – Ghost Town in the East of California close to the border of Nevada

Ghost Town Bodie in California

S. Bodey found 1859 close to the Mono Lake gold and soon the town named after him grow.

By 1880 about 10 000 people lived an worked in Bodie including brothels, gambling hauls and criminality took over.

Ghost Town Bodie in California

When the gold was soon gone the people left and Bodie became known as the Ghost Town.

Abandoned houses, old cars und the dust from the past are remaining.

A paradise for photographers.


Altough the wealth is gone in Bode the remaining ist still detail-rich.

Did you know: Instead of Good Morning people asked:

“Have a man for breakfast?”

meaning: Did anyone get killed last night?

Ghost Town Bodie in California

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Road Trip Along The Ring Of Kerry

Irland Ring of Kerry Steinmauern

…The Rough Western Part of Ireland Ireland. Green, green, everywhere green. Among the green sheep, narrow roads and the characteristical stone walls, separating fields and meadows. In the past my credo was to visit a country once and then see another one. Why? Because there are so many countries in the world I want to … Read more

Stonehenge | World Heritage

Stone Circle – A Must See?!? UNESCO World Heritage 1986 Stonehenge, England was announced as a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are many myths about Stonehenge and even more stories who, when and why the stone circle was built. Speculations and speculations. They say it´s made out of two different stones. One is called Sarsen … Read more