No Vacation In Sight? – What About A “MicroAdventure”

Who doesn’t love being on the road exploring foreign countries and regions. But as we don´t have the time or luck traveling 365 days a year (who does), but still want to have some adventures and fun, we recently started with microadventures. If you ask yourself what the heck are microadventures, well, the term comes … Read more

Hiking in the Waldviertel in Austria

The Waldviertel is a part of Austria close to the Czech boarder. It is known for deep, lush forests, great landscape and awesome food and beer.

Along the Waldviertel is a 230 km long hiking trail called the

Trail Along The Lainsitz.

The river Lainsitz starts in the Austrian town Karlstift, flowing along the Waldviertel to the Czech boarder in Chlum.

The 230 km long trail is divided into 4 daily stages.

Waldviertel, Austria - Hiking along the 20 km long Weitwanderweg

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Hiking along the Coast in Cinque Terre

Vernazza Cinque Terre Italien Amalfiküste wandern

Hiking The Cinque Terre Hiking along the “Blue Trail” along the Cinque Terre means hiking through pittoresque villages and above the blue Mediterranean Sea. You can do easy, moderate or even challenging hikes in this region of Italy. The best thing about hiking there is the view of the Mediterranean ocean, the lush nature and the colorful, … Read more