Kleinwalsertal – Unusual Hiking Ideas

As an Austrian, hiking is nothing new and nothing unusual. We are surrounded by the Austrian Alps and we hike as often as possible.

In the Kleinwalsertal valley in Vorarlberg I tried some unusual hiking ideas you should also try at least once in your life. (bucket list alert)
And if you´ve never been there, well, then it´s time. 😉

Barefoot Hiking at the Kleinwalsertal

I love being barefoot during summer but I never hiked barefoot. Our guide Florian Geis showed us the best places in the valley for walking barefoot while being mind-ful.

After taking of my comfortable shoes, we walked through the Schwarzwasserbach, a creek with ice cold mountain water.

Schwarzwasserbach Kleinwalsertal

Barefoot hiking in the Kleinwalsertal

While taking pictures and filming with the GoPro I lost my guest card after a minute in the water. Too bad it was too cold to get into the deeper water, where it sunk. With the guest card I was able taking the bus along the Kleinwalsertal for free. (Not anymore). 🙂

Barefoot Hiking Kleinwalsertal

With Elena, Fee and Lara I walked barefoot over little stones, through mud and moss. I really enjoyed it after my feet got used to the stony ground.

Hiking barefoot in the Kleinwalsertal valley

Hiking barefoot was a relaxing feeling and after this experience with Florian from Wege zum Sein I´m sure I will hike and walk barefoot more often.

Hiking in the Kleinwalsertal

Herb Workshop

After a warm morning walking barefoot the weather turned cold in a couple of hours. Hiking now with shoes again was shorter than planned. It started raining and Lydia was only able to show us a couple of herbs along the path. We had to start the herb workshop earlier but that wasn’t bad at all.


We had more time making our own healing salve and a herbal peeling. I enjoyed watching Lydia making the products and loved it even more when I was able to cut and grind my own herbal products.

 Kleinwalsertal - herbal products

It was a fun day at the Kleinwalsertal and I learned a lot. If you see me flying around one day on a broom don´t be surprised. Maybe I will be a (herb) witch soon too. 😀

Here´s our video about the Kleinwalsertal. Enjoy (in HD for best results):

If you like nature as much as I do I can highly recommend hiking barefoot and doing a herb workshop. I will visit Lydia from Alchemilla Montana again, learning more about healing and cooking with herbs.

Thanks to Kleinwalsertal for the invitation. The opinions are ours.

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11 thoughts on “Kleinwalsertal – Unusual Hiking Ideas”

    • Das finde ich auch. Ich werde demnächst unser selbst hergestelltes Meisterwurz-Peeling ausprobieren. Bis jetzt bin ich leider noch nicht dazu gekommen. Bin mir aber sicher, dass es genauso gut wirkt wie es riecht.

  1. Das würde mir gefallen: Barfuß wandern! Ich mag das, Dinge mit den Zehen, mit den Füßen ertasten. Toll finde ich auch die selbst hergestellten “Helferlein”. Gewusst wie! Hört sich nach einer fabelhaften Zeit an! Sonnige Grüße, Jutta

    • Es war wirklich eine fabelhafte, märchenhafte, hexenhafte Zeit im Kleinwalsertal. 🙂
      Ich bin jedes Mal wieder begeistert von dem Tal, welches auch als schönste Sackgasse der Welt bezeichnet wird.
      Voll mit interessanten Aktivitäten und Menschen.

  2. Barfußwandern scheint voll im Trend zu liegen! Letztens auf dem Hörndl in Oberbayern trafen wir auch Barfußwanderer. Aber ich denke, ein Anfang mit grünen Fußsohlen im Kleinwalsertal wäre auch keine schlechte Idee!

    • Sabine, bei Florian wärst du mit Barfuß wandern sehr gut aufgehoben. Er gibt genügend Zeit, sich an den Untergrund zu gewöhnen, wenn man noch nicht barfuß – sicher ist und kennt die schönsten Plätzchen im Kleinwalsertal.

  3. Barfoot hiking? My feet are so sensitive, even on grass I don’t think I could manage it! The area looks gorgeous though!


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