Salzburg: Tips For A Day Outside Town

If you stay in Salzburg and you have a spare day you should check out our ideas for a day outside town. In one day you have enough time to do some or all of our ideas and tips including:

  • enjoying the Untersberg mountain
  • learning to cook with herbs
  • having lunch at the Gasthof Schorn and
  • seeing the famous Trick Fountains at the Castle Hellbrunn

A short drive and we are already outside of Salzburg and in the middle of nature. In about 15 minutes we arrive at Grödig. It´s easy to get there by using the local buses or a taxi.

At the foot of the majestic Untersberg mountain.

The majestic and mystical Untersberg

The Untersberg is a ‘monster’, when it comes to a mountain and can be seen from far away. Every time we drove along the highway past Salzburg, I wanted to get up the Untersberg. (Mission finally accomplished without hiking and sweating.)

Altough or maybe because I grew up in the middle of the Austrian Alps I am fascinated by the 70 large mountain. No wonder the huge Untersberg is a natural border between Austria and Germany.

Untersberg Salzburg

Untersberg Gipfel

Untersberg im Nebel

This day the Untersberg showed us its rough side. I like it. I feel comfortable walking to the summit and enjoying the view. I can even spot the Fortress Hohensalzburg in the distance.

Leaving the mountain with the cable railway, we passed through thick clouds until we viewed Grödig and Salzburg again.

TIP: If you buy the Salzburg card, the ticket for the Untersberg is included.

Untersberg Gondel

Unfortunately I didn´t have enough time to hike to the ice grotto or to enjoy more of the view from atop. Maybe another time.

Hochalm am Untersberg, Salzburg


Cooking lesson with local herbs

At the beginning of the week I already had the chance to make some herbal products at the Kleinwalsertal (herbal peeling, wound salve and wine with herbs). Now, with the help of Renate Posser, our guide in Salzburg I was able to broaden my knowledge about herbs.

Renate Prosser awaits us at the Gut Glanegg. While walking from the Gut Glanegg to her house she shows us some of the most important herbs you can cook with.

Gut Glanegg Salzburg

Cooking with fresh herbs in Salzburg
Cooking with fresh herbs from the local area.
Cooking with herbs, Salzburg
While Elena (Creativelena) prepares some food…
Cooking with herbs, Salzburg
…I´m relaxing at Renate Prosser´s garden.

Gasthof Schorn

In front of the Gasthof Schorn at the foot of the Untersberg is an old fountain with the freshest and best water you can get. (That´s what they told us). Fresh from the Untersberg with a consistent temperature of 7 degrees Celsius.
After being refreshed we have lunch at the Gasthof Schorn.

Brunnen beim Gasthof Schorn Grödig

Gasthof Schorn Grödig

The Gasthof Schorn is a popular restaurant close to the Untersberg cable railway station. If you like to try fried Champignons and local dishes you should have at least one meal at the Gasthof Schorn.

Another popular and fun place to go to are the Trick Fountains at the Castle Hellbrunn. If you like water, beautiful castles and humor you shouldn´t miss this unique place.

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Thanks to and Grödig for the invitation. The opinions are ours.

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6 thoughts on “Salzburg: Tips For A Day Outside Town”

    • Yes, I really did miss it but it is a 1 1/2 to 2 hours hike so I had not enough time and definitely not the right hiking gear. But I´d like to do it some day. Thanks for your comment, Andy.

    • Die Kräuterwanderungen sind sehr spannend, vor allem lernt man dabei soooo viel. Wir sind ja “umzingelt” von Heilpflanzen und könnten so vieles selber herstellen.
      Vor allem sind einige der Rezepte ganz schnell hergestellt und schmecken sehr lecker. Kennst du eingelegte Gänseblümchen, Neni? Die schmecken fast wie Kapern.


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