Livigno – Outdoorparadise in North Italy [Video]

Livigno Italien wintersport outdoor Abenteuer

Livigno is also known as “Little Tibet” of the Alps. With an altitude of 1816 m, Livigno is a popular place for athletes training for their next events. Livigno is also the only place in Italy where freeriding and heliskiing is allowed. I spent three days at the end of January in Livigno, being part … Read moreLivigno – Outdoorparadise in North Italy [Video]

Winter in Austria – #Instagram Moments

Snow covered mountains, ice crystals on trees and hiking through knee deep powder snow. That´s how winter should be. We show you our best Winter Moments captured in our Instagram pictures. Follow us on a journey through Austria. Where pictures tell more than words…   An old chapel along the way is covered in snow. … Read moreWinter in Austria – #Instagram Moments

Skiing At The Hochkar And Oetscher And A Huge Pinch Of Salt

Hospitality And A Pinch Of Salt

The skiing and snowboarding weekend slowly comes to an end and the ski area Hochkar shows its wild side. Heavy wind and now  that we are looking out of the big window front at the JUFA Hochkar Sport Resort and enjoying cup cakes it starts to snow.

JUFA Hochkar Sport Resort

The Mostviertel shows us the whole weather spectrum. From spring temperatures with a blue sky, to a clouded sky with lots of wind and now snow.

 Lackenhof-Ötscher and Hochkar

…is awesome.

But take a look at it and decide on your own:

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Pear Schnapps, Apple Cider, Skiing And A Pinch Of Salt

skiing Hochkar Austria

#ski_mission at the Hochkar

After we had lots of fun at the ski area Lackenhof-Oetscher we drove 45 minutes to the Hochkar ski area at 1400 meters (4590 feet) and checked in at the JoSchi Sporthaus in the middle of the ski area.

Mostviertel Göstling an der Ybbs
Up to the Hochkar

New rooms with wooden floors, a big rain shower and a tasty dinner are awaiting us.

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Springlike Winterpleasure in the Mostviertel

Skigebiet Lackenhof Ötscher Mostviertel

#ski_mission (Im)possible in Austria?

The first delicate green on the meadows, the first spring flowers stretching towards us and + 17 degrees Celsius (62,6 degrees Fahrenheit) in the middle of March. 

Frühlingsboten Leberblümchen
Liverworts along the wayside 

That´s how the Mostviertel in the heart of Lower Austria welcomes us.

The GPS shows 1:30 min. until we reach the destination Lackenhof, but where is the snow? Thomas and I don´t believe it anymore to find some snow, let alone white ski slopes.

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