Tips For Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle – The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Castle

Tips For Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle - The Fairytale Castle in Southern Germany

Every year more than 1 million people visit Neuschwanstein Castle, the famous castle in Germany, also known as the “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Castle” or the Disney / Cinderella castle Germany. Castle Neuschwanstein is situated in the southern part of Bavaria/Germany, also called Allgäu, close to the town Füssen. It´s the castle that inspired Walt Disney to create the … Read more

The Best Christmas Markets in Salzburg, Austria

Die schönsten Weihnachtsmärkte in Europa

Salzburg is known for The Sound of Music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Mohr and his famous “Silent Night, Holy Night”, AND for the Advent markets at Christmas time. I was there twice and want to share with you the best Christmas markets in Salzburg. Among them are the most romantic, the largest and oldest Christmas … Read more

Hotel and Holiday Village Vila Vita Pannonia in Austria

Located one hour from Vienna, the hotel and holiday village Vila Vita Pannonia is situated near the Lake Neusiedl and close to the Hungarian border. (It’s the first time for me to travel to this area in Austria.) On an area of 200 ha, 127 thatched bungalows and 40 hotel rooms are spread across the … Read more

This was 2015 – Our Best Travel Photos

I can’t believe 2015 is already over. Looks like the years are passing by faster and faster. We enjoyed some great places in 2015 and brought beautiful travel photos and memories back home. New destinations as well as visiting places we’ve already been to. This was 2015. Our Best Travel Photos Of 2015 FRANCE It’s … Read more

Barcelona: Colorful Metropolis

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia is one of the cities to see when being in Europe. Why? Because it´s one of a kind. It´s different. Maybe mostly because of Gaudís influence. But what to do and see while being in Barcelona? Here are some tips and places for your Barcelona bucket list: Sagrada Família – the uncompleted … Read more

Salzburg, you amaze me. Things you will only experience in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is known worldwide. Known for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the real and the original Mozartkugeln, Salzburger Nockerl, the Fortress Hohensalzburg and for The Sound of Music. The last one especially in the United States, in Asia and in all countries around the world except for Austria. It´s kind of weird because some of the scenes play in Salzburg. At … Read more