The 7 Best Places in Laos you don’t want to miss

Laos best places

Laos is becoming more and more interesting for travelers. No wonder, because the landscape and sights are one of a kind. Rice fields, turquoise, natural pools and waterfalls, Buddhist temples, and the Mekong river: Laos has many unique and special sights to see. Why Laos should be on your bucket list Laos is still not … Read more

Angkor Wat And The Devatas

Kambodscha Reiseberichte

Nymphs from the hinduistic mythology and topless beauties in Angkor Wat – silicone madness in Angkors largest temple complex This sounds like news material but I am not talking about the annual Playboy conference in Cambodia 😉 . Although it has to do with silicone implants and beauties. At the entrance to Angkor Wat along … Read more

Vientiane Things To Do And See

Top Sehenswürdigkeiten in Vientiane Laos

Vientiane, the capital of Laos offers lots of culture and architecture. After a long day of visiting the main attractions listed below I can recommend having a drink at one of the many cafés  or bars along the Mekong watching the spectacular sunset. 1. Pha That Luang – the symbol and sanctuary of Laos was built … Read more

The Sad Story Of Mr. Monkey And Mrs. Bird

Fotografieren auf Reisen: Portraitfotografie 

Laos – a country of rich culture, stunning nature and Mr. Monkey and Mrs. Bird, who I met at a view point while travelling across the country. How cute! A monkey! All of us ran out of the bus taking pictures. He was so nice sitting on a branch looking at me with his huge … Read more

At The Khouang Waterfalls | Turquoise Beauty & Lazy Bears

Laos Khouang Wasserfälle

Spending a day at the Khouang Waterfalls and with the Moon Bears

Only 29 km away from Luang Prabang and a little hike through a forest you will see an amazing wonder of nature.

The Khouang Waterfalls in Khouangsi

Turquoise waterpools and cascades were formed long ago. A place to stay forever….

Khouang Waterfalls, Luang Prabang / Laos

Swimming in the natural pools or watching the big waterfall from a bench makes you wanting to stay. Stay. Stay.

Khouangsi  Waterfalls Laos Luang Prabang

Khouang Waterfalls, Khouangsi / Laos

Children are swinging on a rope and jump into the warm turquoise water, families and hikers are having picknicks and enjoy the view in the shade of the many trees.

Laos Khouangsi Cascades

Khouang Waterfalls in Laos

Lazy, shy bears

Walking back I stopped at the 2003 founded Asiatic Bear Rescue Center. Asiatic Bears, the Moon Bears, were rescued or confiscated from poachers and spend their time now in the Rescue Center.

The bears – when living in the wilderness – are found in China and Asia in mountain forests up to 4000 m.

The Free the Bears Fund cares about the bears. To me the bears seemed shy. (I would be the same if hundreds of people would try to see me through a fence every day). I saw only one bear which was lying lazy in a swing.

Khouangsi Bear Rescue in Laos

If you are in Luang Prabang, Laos it is only a short trip to the Khouang Waterfalls and the Asiatic Black Bear Rescue Center and definitely worth a trip seeing the turquoise beauty and the lazy bears.

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