6 thoughts on “Laos: Things To See And Do”

  1. its such a beautiful country. And there are a couple of places I havent been there that youve talked about that look amazing. Those waterfalls are awesome places to swim – and it’s great that you didnt put Vang Vieng on the list (eeesh)!

    • Vang Vieng as a place to see in Laos? No way, as I’m really not into partying for as cheap and long as you can.
      There are so many awesome places in Laos. A lot more than I included in the blog post but if I wrote down all of them it would be a very loooooooooooong article. 😉

  2. Eigentlich ist es schon traurig… Wir bereisen seit über 3 Jahren Südostasien und waren noch nie in Laos… 😉 Dank deiner Tipps ist es nun aber endlich an der Zeit einmal eine kleine Rundreise durch Laos zu machen, da es ja sprichwörtlich nur ums Eck liegt (wir wohnen auf Phuket).

    LG Armin


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