At the Conch Farm…Meet Sally

Sally…6 years old…Conch

What to do being at the Turks & Caicos for a while and be bored after swimming and relaxing in the sun? (Not that it could happen with this awesome view).

Turks&Caicos, Caribbean

What about visiting the Caicos Conch Farm. The worlds first and only commercial Conch farm.
Turks&Caicos Conch Farm

Growing Conchs at the Conch Farm

Located at Provenciales, Caicos you can explore the life cycle of the Caribbean Queen Conch from the egg through hatching to growing up and harvesting as an adult.

The tour at the Caicos Conch Farm takes 30 minutes and you can touch and see the conchs. The Conch is a major source of protein for the region for at least a thousand years and you can find it on menus in the Caribbean.

I tried Conch once at the Bahamas but to be true I like animals a lot more alive than being on a platter. The big shells are used for tools, weapons, jewelry and construction materials.

A guide showed and told us anything about conchs and we could see baby conchs and taller ones at the area. We were finally introduced to Sally, a 6 year old conch.

Conch Sally


Conch Sally Turks & Caicos, Caribbean

Our tour guide with Sally the Conch

Conchfarm Turks&Caicos

Different basins for different stages of their life cycle

Conchfarm-Turks&Caicos Caribbean

Basin for the one-year-old conchs

You can find more informations about a visit at the Conch Farm HERE.

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4 thoughts on “At the Conch Farm…Meet Sally”

    • It is really interesting to watch the conchs from being an egg to an adult like Sally. At the Conch Farm they now have fish too besides the conch.


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