Mount Etna – In 4 Hours To The Moon And Back

After living and working as a private teacher for two kids on a small catamaran already for two months we sailed the Strait of Messina and anchored in the harbour of Palermo, Sicily.

Messina Italy

Messina – Sailing the Strait of Messina

Mount Etna in Sicily

First view of Mt. Etna 

Getting up Mount Etna

A 4 hours drive and an accident at the parking area (we just stopped the car in a parking space when a bus drove by too close and crashed our rental car) later, we were ready for our adventure to conquer Mount Etna (Etna, Mongibello). Mount Etna, Europe´s highest and most active volcano. On the way up to the parking area there is enough proof that the volcano is active. Destroyed houses and white smoke at the top of Mount Etna.

Traveling to Mt. Etna / Volcano in Sicily

Arriving at the parking area you take a gondola up to approximately 7.480 feet. Now you get into a bus which brings you to the Torre del Filosofo. Stepping out of the bus in 9.500 ft you feel like stepping on the moon.

Mt. Etna, Sicily / Italy

Everything around you is black, steaming and you are secluded from the rest of the world. Sicily is hidden behind a ring of clouds.

Mt. Etna in Sicily, Italy

Only you, the volcano and tourists walking around and getting a glimpse of the smoke coming out of one of the craters.

Volcano Mt. Etna in Sicily, Italy

If you are a hiker you can take a tour up to the top of Mount Etna. We stayed at 7.480 feet and walked to the craters close to the bus station. You´ll never know… The closer we get to the crater the more it smelled like rotten eggs.

Sulfur on Mt. Etna, Sicily

Sulfur... It´s not a joke. It really smells like rotten eggs. There are many yellow patches on our way around the crater. After enjoying the amazing view and the black beauty of Mount Etna we headed down again with the bus, stepped into the gondola and made our way to our crashed rental car and headed slowly to Taormina, where you get the best view of Mount Etna from a distance.

Amphitheater Taormina, Sicily


If you want to feel like being on the moon and back in 4 hours why not take a trip to Europe´s highest volcano with an altitude of 10.922 ft.

Mout Etna Sicily

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11 thoughts on “Mount Etna – In 4 Hours To The Moon And Back”

  1. Der Ätna ist wirklich grandios! Wir haben den Aufstieg von der Seilbahnstation zu Fuß gewagt – ein langer Marsch, aber lohnenswert!

  2. I love Mount Etna so much. I used to have a Sicilian boyfriend so we travelled around the island quite a lot, but funnily enough he never took me to Etna. Last year I visited with my husband, and had the most amazing day up and around the mountain. Now I’m hoping to go back next year for backcountry skiing!

    • Sometimes it´s worth to wait and explore it with your husband and not your ex-boyfriend. 😀 Hope you can make the trip next year and that you will have a great time there again.

  3. My partner is Sicilian and we go to Sicily for the summer every year and every year I request to go back to Etna. She is a magnificent example of Mother Nature and I love trekking up the craters regardless of how much they make my legs ache! 🙂 and your right it is like being on the moon!

  4. Sounds like a great trip! I went to the top of Vesuvius nearly 30 years ago, but that’s modest in comparison to Etna. Would love to make it there one day…

  5. Wow. I love hiking so it would be great to do it with the purpose of seeing Mt Enta. Someday hopefully.


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