10 Best Places in the Caribbean

10 Best Places in the Caribbean

While living and working on a catamaran for 10 months I stayed half of the time sailing in the Caribbean Sea.


There are so many beautiful islands, places and beaches in the Caribbean.  The island Antigua alone offers 365 beaches – one beach for every day of the year. Here are my favourite 10 Caribbean places including beaches.


10 Best Places in the Caribbean

1. Beaches in Anguilla

Anguilla. To me it is not the most beautiful island but it offers the most amazing sand and stunning beaches I´ve seen so far. The sand feels like soft flour. In the evening close to the shore dolphins are passing by and a sunset behind a shipwreck close to Prickley Pear Island lets makes your adventurous heart laugh.

10 Best Places In The Caribbean
Beach Life Anguilla
10 Best Places In The Caribbean
Shipwreck Prickley Pear Island

2. Saba Rock  at Virgin Gorda

Saba Rock – surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. The restaurant and bar covers the whole little island. Be sure to have a boat with you. 😉 There´s no other way to get there for a Rum Punch or a cocktail. Close to Saba Rock is a great place to snorkel. Old canons were put into the water. Snorkelling there feels like being an explorer.

10 Best Places In The Caribbean

3. The Island Of The Million Butterflies – St. Martin/St. Maarten

or: The Island With The Two Names France and Netherland, those two European states share the island and gave it the name St. Martin and St. Maarten. When I was driving across the island millions of butterflies where flying next to the road. That´s why I call it the Island of the Million Butterflies. St. Martin/St. Maarten offers great beaches like the Great Bay in Philippsburg (Sint Maarten).

10 Best Places In The Caribbean

Maybe you heard about St. Martin because of the airplanes landing right next to a beach. Lots of tourists go there. We held on to the fence when a plane started. What a fun! We almost were lifted up (the kids actually were).

Lots of cruise ships go to St. Martin/Sint Maarten. One passed by close to the airport I just mentioned.

10 Best Places In The Caribbean

4. The Baths at Virgin Gorda

When the Baths came in sight from sailing by it reminded me of pictures I saw about the Seychelles. Don´t you think they have something in common?

10 Best Places In The Caribbean

The Baths are a fun place at Virgin Gorda, one of the islands of the British Virgin Islands. It is a whole lot of fun climbing and hiking around and between the rocks. Afterwards the sandy beach surrounded by the rocks is great to relax.

5. Turks & Caicos

Before I sailed the Caribbean Sea I had no clue about the Turks & Caicos. I never heard about it before. Wheter in school or in the media. What a lovely place… Turquoise water everywhere and I met Sally, the Conch.

10 Best Places In The Caribbean

6. St. Lucia

St. Lucia was the first island we set foot on after our Atlantic Ocean Crossing. 15 days on the sea. Only water, water, water. St. Lucia has great beaches and places plus its own rainforest.

10 Best Places In The Caribbean
Marigot Bay

7. Bahamas

Great beaches, beautiful islands….Bahamas. If you have a chance visit Paradise Island, Nassau. At the Atlantis you have a great beach, a water park and a huge aquarium.

10 Best Places In The Caribbean

10 Best Places In The Caribbean
A private island at the Bahamas

8. Tortola – Soper´s Hole

Tortola, island of the British Virgin Islands. At Sopers Hole you get the Caribbean feel. Colourful houses, shops with Caribbean spices and Caribbean rum.

10 Best Places In The Caribbean

10 Best Places In The Caribbean

10 Best Places In The Caribbean

9. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a lot to offer. The capital San Juan, rainforests, beaches and hidden caves.

10. The Swimming Pigs Of The Exumas

The Exumas are a part of the Bahamas and known for its swimming pigs.

10 Best Places In The Caribbean - Swimming Pigs

But not only pigs. I saw the biggest starfish ever, fed Iguanas with grapes and met a lemon shark and reef sharks while snorkeling.

What do you think? Are they worth to mention? Can you suggest other places and beaches? Let us know about it.

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25 thoughts on “10 Best Places in the Caribbean”

  1. Wow! Ja, Ähnlichkeit zwischen The Baths und den Seychellen ist da : ) Ich glaube, mein erster Stop wäre Tortola: Nicht nur wegen der Strände, sondern wegen der bunten Häuser! Sonnige Grüße

  2. Hach…..sehr cool. In der Karibik war ich ja noch nie so richtig. 10 Monate ist natürlich grandios, auch wenn ich mir nicht so sicher bin, ob ich die auf einem Boot überleben würde ;). Und dieses borstige Schwein im Wasser ist der Hammer. Dem gehts ja wohl in der Tat saugut. 🙂 GlG, Nadine

    • Den Schweinen gefällt es wirklich sehr gut im Meer. Wundert mich allerdings nicht bei der SAUhitze. Da brauchen selbst Schweine ab und zu Abkühlung. 😀

  3. Wow, 365 Strände? Das wär’ doch mal ein schönes Projekt, jeden Tag einen neuen Strand ausprobieren 🙂 Die schwimmenden Schweine möchte ich irgendwann mal sehen!!! Danke für diesen schönen Bericht!

    • Thank you, Elena.
      There is really a lot to discover and a couple of months sailing the Caribbean is just not enough but it gives you a little taste how life in the Caribbean is. If you will be there sailing, let us know about it.

  4. Great blog post. Never been to the Caribeen, but it’s definitely on my bucket list now. Tortola sounds great. Heard about that small island from friends who have spent their vacation there many years ago.

  5. Christiansted, St Croix…there is no other little town in the Caribbean quite like it with it’s Danish Architecture and rich history!

  6. So cool. Das letzte mal als wir von Tortola gehört haben ist etwa 10 Jahre her. Damals waren gute Grunde von uns auf Tortola. Keiner wusste damals wo wo sich diese hübsche Insel befindet.
    Der Beitrag macht Lust zum sofort in die Karibik zu reisen.

  7. Never heard of Virgin Gorda, but after reading this I would love to visit! I love the Caribbean because its close enough to Canada for flights to be affordable when you need a quick escape from the winter blues!

    • For us in Europe it´s a lot longer to fly there. But it´s worth it. I´m sure you would enjoy Virgin Gorda with “The Baths”. It´s a beautiful place.

    • Das glaube ich dir. Hat echt Spaß gemacht sie im Wasser zu sehen. Dass sie gerne schwimmen gehen kann ich sehr gut verstehen, da es doch ziemlich heiß und trocken ist auf den Inselchen. 😀

  8. Jaaa, die Exumas sind auf jeden Fall eine Reise wert! Allein wegen der schnuckeligen Schweinchen! Hab mir diesen Traum in diesem Jahr erfüllt und habe wahrscheinlich eine ähnliche Tour wie du gemacht (mit den Iguanas, Starfish Bay etc.). Jetzt muss ich mir mal deine anderen Tipps auf meine Bucket List schreiben 🙂

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