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Stone Circle – A Must See?!?

A Day At Stonehenge, England

UNESCO World Heritage

1986 Stonehenge, England was announced as a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are many myths about Stonehenge and even more stories who, when and why the stone circle was built.
Speculations and speculations. They say it´s made out of two different stones. One is called Sarsen which was brought from Salisbury and the Bluestone from Pembrokshire in Wales which is 200 kilometers away. One thing is for sure. The mystical stone circle  is enchanting.


If you are on a journey through or you don´t want to spend money for a ticket you can enjoy Stonehenge by driving by. The downside is you can´t stop on the crowded road. You get this view driving along the A 303.

Stonehenge - World Heritage Site

Stonehenge /A 303

Still I would STOP and get a real close look at Stonehenge. Parking is free (Thumbs Up!) and the ticket is 8 pounds.

Before viewing the real stone circle you can see a picture how Stonehenge looked like before.

Stonehenge - A Day at the World Heritage Site

Now you are able to take a fast or slow walk around the circle depending on how many picture you or the hundreds of other visitors take (I took about 200 pictures).

Stonehenge in England

Does anyone thought about what is wrong with this stone? Restaurated?

Detail at Stonehenge

However. Stonehenge is worth a visit while being in the UK. Definitely a MUST SEE!

Detail at Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge in England


Thomas with our “Facebook-Friend”

Stonehenge - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Stonehenge - World Heritage Site

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  1. Mein Tipp: Den Besuch ganz früh morgens oder am späten Nachmittag einplanen, so dass man Stonehenge (relativ) ungestört genießen kann. Die wenigsten Besucher nehmen sich die Zeit, um auch über die umliegenden Hügel zu spazieren, um die Steinkreise aus der Ferne zu betrachten. Das ist aber lohnenswert!
    Sonnige Grüße


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