White Magic Mountain, Mud Pots And Stinking Fumaroles

From Mount Shasta to the Lassen Volcanic National Park

In northern California close to Oregon is the White Mountain (Mount Shasta). The volcano belongs to the highest mountains in California.

About 14,179 feet high, Mount Shasta is today known as a place for spiritual people. A legend says inside is a hidden city with advanced beings from Lemuria. Every year lots of people visit this place because of its power.

Others visit Mount Shasta to enjoy the view from atop after taking a hike. 

And others drive up…

Road Trip to Mt. Shasta

Lisi and I wanted to see this mysterious mountain and drove up as high as possible.

Reaching the end of the  road we had an amazing view to the summit of Mount Shasta and down the valley.

Mount Shasta California

Road Trip to Mt. Shasta in California

We didn´t have time for a hike but the view was still great and worth a drive.

California Mt. Shasta

After staring and driving down Mount Shasta we wanted to see the Lassen Volcanic Nationalpark, which is about 111 miles away from Mount Shasta.

Lassen Volcanic National Park is named after the Lassen Peak and is known for stinking fumeroles and boiling mud pots and a beautiful landscape.

Lassen National Park in California


We really liked this rock. Looks like someone dropped a huge dinosaur egg or Obelix rock or an Easter Egg or…

Lassen Volcanic Nationalpark in California

If you have enough time you should spend it on hiking. We didn´t plan on staying long so we said “Good Bye!” to the Lassen Volcanic National Park and continued our Road Trip in California…

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18 thoughts on “White Magic Mountain, Mud Pots And Stinking Fumaroles”

  1. Very unique landscape – I’d really like to explore California some more. How long did it take to drive to the top of Mt. Shasta? The views remind me of parts of southern Spain.

    • It is amazing how different the landscapes are in this area. It seems to me you have everything. Desserts, volcanoes, lush forests, lakes, snow, the sea,….

  2. That’s a really beautiful landscape, looks more like Iceland than California. I love the tale of the hidden city, I would love to visit to explore the tale further!

  3. Great pictures 🙂 Would love to jump in the mud pools (if they weren’t so hot haha) and crack open the dino egg to find a perfectly persevered baby dino!! …Okay so those things probably wouldn’t happen, but it looks like a cool place to visit 😛

  4. Looks EXTREMELY inviting. I wish I had made time to explore the west coast a bit more when living in the states.

  5. Ever since I finished reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed I’ve been wanting to visit this area. I did an extensive roadtrip through the US last year but not to Oregon unfortuanely, maybe next year 🙂 great pictures btw!

    • Mount Shasta and the Lassen Volcanic Parc are actually in California. Mount Shasta is close to the Orgeon border. Never heard about the book Wild (will google it ASAP). 😀

  6. Wir haben es im vergangenen Jahr bei unserem US-.Roadtrip leider nicht bis in den Lassen Nationalpark geschafft :/ Die Fumarole erinnern definitiv an Island!


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