One day at the Joshua Tree National Park

While being on a Road Trip in California I really wanted to see the famous Joshua Trees and the dry scenery in the southeastern part of California.

Joshua National Park California

I have no clue anymore if someone told me this or if I read it somewhere.

In summer time it is really hot during the day. My friend and I still decided driving through the National Park. Thanks for inventing the Air Condition.

We parked the car and walked around in Flip-Flops (my favorite shoes!). If it wouldn´t be too cold in Austria half of the year I would wear them all year long. But back to California.

⤷ Do you know how the Joshua Trees got their name?

The trees looked like Joshuas upstretched arms to the Mormon pioneers leading them to the promised land.

California National Parks - Joshua Tree

As I said I read or heard that in the Park are snakes and spiders and they don´t like vibrations or loud noises and by the way – I don´t like them either.

Because I didn´t want to talk the whole time and scream around I decided to trample until I got where I wanted to be.

Having a snake bite or running into a big spider is not on my bucket list.

I felt like an elephant among the Joshua Trees. My friend was having a good time walking behind me. I heard her giggling the whole time while I was preparing our path. 😀

California Joshua Tree National Park

If you are into climbing or camping this is a perfect place for you to go. There are beautiful rock formations and places to camp.

And to me, as I like taking pictures a lot, it´s a great place for photographers and wanna-be-photographers.

The Entrance Fee for a vehicle is $ 15 for seven days.

(You can get an annual ticket or a ticket for one person if you take a bike, hike or ride the horse.)

You can get more information for your perfect trip to the Joshua Tree National Park here.

Joshua Tree California

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Don´t you think it´s an awesome place to see? I do.

Have you been there or do you want to see the Joshua National Park?

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3 thoughts on “One day at the Joshua Tree National Park”

  1. Ja, der Park ist genial! Wir waren in 2013 in den Osterferien dort. Es war nicht zu heiß, der Himmel strahlte blau blau blau. Mit den bizarren Bäumen und Felsformationen eine fantastische Kulisse!


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