Kayaking The Verdon Gorge in the Provence

Lavendelfelder der Provence - Entlang der Lavendelroute im Süden Frankreichs

The Verdon Gorge in the Provence, France is one of the largest canyons in Europe. With a length of about 21 km and a depth up to 700 m it is an impressive sight. Even more impressive is the turquoise water of the Verdon. It winds sloooowly through the canyon. During our Road Trip along … Read more

Puerto Rico´s Hidden Caves – Rio Camuy Caves

Exploring the Caves of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico 3 1/2 weeks in Puerto Rico at a marina means a lot of time to explore Puerto Rico. A lot of time to see the country and culture and to spend a massive time in malls. 😀 In the Northeastern part of Puerto Rico close to the … Read more