Things To Do In Barcelona

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia is one of the cities to see when being in Europe. Why? Because it´s one of a kind. It´s different. Maybe mostly because of Gaudís influence.

But what are the best things to do in Barcelona? Here are some tips and places for your Barcelona bucket list:

Sagrada Família – the uncompleted church

The Sagrada Família is an unfinished basilica belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. No wonder. It would take months to see every detail of Gaudís masterpiece.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona

Park Güell – Masterpiece with a view

Gaudí built his Park Güell on the hills of the city . Mosaics and the unmistakable buildings characterize the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Parc Güell Barcelona


 Casa Battló – Gaudí again

The facades of Gaudí´s Casa Battló are interesting and unique. The house is a reminder of the legend of St. George . The roof is shaped like the back of a dragon.

Casa Battló

Casa Milà is one of the most famous buildings (besides the Sagrada Família) from Gaudí and is also called La Pedrera which means quarry house.

Casa Milà Barcelona

Barri Gòtic – Journey into the past

The Barri Gòtic is Barcelona´s oldest district. You find it in walking distance to the Las Ramblas. It´s not as crowded and loud as the famous street.

Barri Gòtic in Barcelona

Cathedral of Barcelona

I particularly liked the the Cathedral of Barcelona. An old fountain, fish and geese are inside the inner courtyard. The noise of the city remains unheard here and it´s cool inside, which can be a relief.

Kathedrale Barcelona

Las Ramblas – turn night into day

The place to be in Barcelona. The street, which ends at the harbor is one of the city’s attractions. Street artists do their best to entertain, while (colorful) designer and tourist shops are next to each other. It´s the place to see and be seen.

Tip: If you love colors, especially colorful clothes, visit the Desigual and the Custo Barcelona stores.

Did I enjoy it? Well, walking along it once to the sea and back was enough. It is awfully crowded and I enjoyed walking the Bari Gòtic a lot more.

Las Ramblas

Mercat de La Boqueria

In the heart of Barcelona in Rambla, it is worthwhile to visit the Boqueria Market. Colorful, noisy and crowded. That´s the Mercat de La Boqueria. I was particularly interested in the supply of fresh fruit and smoothies. Exactly the right snack for a hot day in Barcelona .

Tip: When you decide to have lunch or dinner look for places offering Tapas.

Mercat de La Boqueria Barcelona

 The Hospital de Sant Pau

Built in the early 20th century, the Hospital de Sant Pau is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city and has been included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Today it´s no longer a hospital but it´s definitely worth to visit this place.


Barcelona = color flash. Whether Gaudí’s colorful and detailed architecture or the shrill fashion. Barcelona is not a city for gray mice. Is Barcelona worth seeing? Sure. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities of southern Europe and unique in any ways.

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15 thoughts on “Things To Do In Barcelona”

  1. Lohnt es sich, Barcelona zu besuchen? Was für eine Frage… Barcelona MUSS man erlebt haben. Es stimmt einfach alles: Menschen, Sprache, Kultur, Geschichte, Flauna und Flora, Essen, …. wirklich alles! Auch ich kann die Stadt nur weiterempfehlen! 🙂

  2. Ich möchte ab nächstes Jahr ne Kreuzfahrt von Barcelona aus machen und würde gern einige Tage noch dran hängen – sitze aber im Rollstuhl. Wie würdest du die Stadt einschätzen? Also von der barrierefreiheit in der Ubahn zum Beispiel?
    Liebe Grüße

    • Also da es in Barcelona doch sehr viel Aufzüge gibt um in die Ubahn zu gelangen denke ich, dass dies sicher möglich ist. Du findest im Internet sicher einige weitere Hinweise darauf. Ich bin hinsichtlich dessen keine Expertin. Wünsche dir, falls du Barcelona besuchst viel Spaß.

  3. I visited the Güell Park in 2008 and have been twice in Barcelona since then, but I could never find the time to get there and see it again. I was so full of discovering other things in the city…
    There’s such an abundance of attractions in Barcelona you just can’t get enough.
    Will I ever?

  4. Habe ich erzählt, dass ich einen Sommer lang in Barcelona gelebt und gearbeitet habe? Die beste Zeit überhaupt! Ich mag die alte und die neue Architektur der Stadt, die Bars, die schönen Design-Ateliers und den hübschen Brunnen mit dem Reiter in der Kathedrale : ) Sonnige Grüße, Jutta

  5. Gorgeous city. I am disgusted with myself that I haven’t been to Barca yet, considering all the cheap flights we have from the UK. Next year I have to tick this place of my list. Even if for just the weekend.


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