Active and creative at the Waldviertel

The Waldviertel in the northern part of Austria is the area to be active and creative (at the same time if you want to).

Bike trails with more than 2000 km length altogether and many hiking paths, one of them the 230 km long path along the river Lainsitz, make it to one of the most active parts of Austria.

While hiking or biking along the Waldviertel you can stop and be creative the same time or watch how creative the locals are and were in former times.

When we hiked the second part of the path along the river Lainsitz we started in Weitra. Weitra is a little town with big history. Only about 2000 people live here but the town is full of architecture, art and stories.

Waldviertel - Travel Active And creative
city hall

Local night watchmen and author Ernest Zederbauer knows his town in and out. He showed us the beautiful facade of a sgraffito house, the Auhof with antique wooden beams and a medieval cistern.

The castle in Weitra is a mixture of old and new. In the inner courtyard plays are being held. You can watch them even during rain because you sit under gigantic umbrellas (kind of). A brewery museum and a display about the “Eiserner Vorhang” (cold war) can be visited. The old whisper room was fun to see and showed us how creative and smart people were.

At Hirschenwies we stopped at the motor activity park. Can you see how much fun we had even in the rain?

Right from the Xundwärtsparcours we hiked up to the highest “mountain” in the region called Nebelstein. (Nebel = fog) The Nebelstein makes up to his name. We hiked about one hour through rain and fog and we enjoyed it a lot. The atmosphere was perfect.

Waldviertel - Travel Active And creative

Waldviertel - Travel Active And creative

Waldviertel - Travel Active And creative

Another part of the path along the river Lainsitz passes the oldest paper mill in Austria. At the Papiermühle Mörzinger you can make your own handmade paper. It will last about 400 years. We are still thinking about what to write or draw upon it. 😉

Waldviertel - Travel Active And creative

Did you know it is made from cotton clothing?

In Neunagelberg we watched glass blowing at Kurt Zalto. We got a sneek peek on how glass is produced by hand.

Waldviertel - Travel Active And creative

If you don´t want to hike again you can take the Waldviertelbahn like we did. In this case from Neunagelberg to Litschau.

Waldviertel - Travel Active And creative

In Litschau we stayed at the Hoteldorf Königsleitn reenergizing for the 20 km long hike along the Lainsitz the next day.

Click on the picture to read more about the beautiful Waldviertel ⤵

Waldviertel Austria Österreich

Thanks to Waldviertel Tourism for the invitation. The opinions are ours.

16 thoughts on “Active and creative at the Waldviertel”

  1. Also dieser Wanderweg – insbesondere das Waldstück im Nebel – ist schon beeindruckend! Dort möchte ich definitiv auch einmal wandern. Übrigens habe ich ein Faible für schöne Papiere. Ich mag die Haptik und es ist eine schöne Idee, etwas darauf zu verewigen. Ich meine ja immer, dass (wichtige) Worte auf ein kostbares Papier gehören. Auch wenn selbst Bücher heute meist nicht mehr auf hochwertiges Papier gedruckt werden, sind sie mir in der Form doch immer noch lieber als ein eBook : )

    • Bis dato weiß ich noch nicht, was ich darauf malen oder schreiben werde, denn wie du sagst ist es kostbar. Auch wenn ich selber viele Bücher als ebook lese gibt es einige, die ich auch nur in Papierformat lese. Sie haben eine ganz andere Energie. Angreifen und lesen ist anders und mir kommt vor, dass man dadurch das Gelesene besser behält.
      Das Waldstück hinauf auf den Nebelstein war vom Wetter her perfekt. Auch wenn es bei blauem Himmel Aussichten nach Tschechien und Richtung Linz gibt habe ich dies nicht vermisst. Wenn schon Nebelstein, dann richtig. 😉
      Falls du mal dorthin kommst lass es uns wissen.

  2. The rain gives those forest photos a mysterious feel – I like it. Looks like you had fun in the activity park as well!

    You had better write something good on that paper if its going to last for 400 years!

  3. Wow. Definitely looks like there was so much to do and explore. The paper mill sounds like fun and so many of the vignettes make such a pretty picture like the ancient beams! And I’ve always wanted to see glass blowing first hand as well. Hopefully i’ll get down to it someday!

  4. Love the colors on the City Hall facade. Usually public office or government buildings are not that bright (power I guess is grey…). The “fog mountain” reminds me of home 🙂

  5. I love the photo of that foggy forest! It looks like my kind of place – hiking, adventure and a touch of art. Would love to visit and do some of the trails!


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