Hévíz, Hungary – At the world´s largest thermal bath

In Hévíz, a couple of kilometers away from the western shore of the Balaton, everything is about the fountain of life. In the pittoresque city is the largest thermal bath of the world.

The water has a pleasant temperature of 34Celsius (91,4〫F) at the moment and it´s not getting colder than 24〫 Celsius (75,2〫F) even during winter time. The healing water helps if you have rheumatic complaints and is perfect for prevention. Let´s go.

A bath up to 30 minutes with a break afterwards and a second bath again up to 30 minutes is recommended to us. The staff explains the procedure because the length of staying in the water is different from person to person. Children up to a certain age should not bathe in the water. They can swim in a separate pool (seasonal).

water lily Heviz Hungary

We swim to the pink water lilies to relax and unwind in the warm water. The sun is shining. Because of the size of the lake (4,4 ha) everybody has enough space to relax.  A life guard glides by in the water on a boat. After a while I feel a little tired.

We get out and lean back in the chairs on the terrace and watch the people in the water. Pure relaxation!

Afterwards we walk to the wellness area. The 2〫Celsius sauna is too cold for me and the  92〫Celsius Sauna way too hot. The infrared cabin with changing colors is perfect.

The cooler pools with hydromassage are great after being in the infrared cabin. We enjoy the quietness of the place.

In the indoor area are more thermal pools and you can get snacks.

I wanted to get into the mud bath in the outside area too but unfortunately I have to skip it. My white bikini is the worst color to use for a mud bath. A sign tells us the healing mud can stain the bathing clothes. The next time I will bring older and darker bathing clothes with me because it is said the mud helps you to get soft skin. Who doesn´t want to have baby skin? 😀

Interesting is the weight bath. It is an invention from a doctor of this area. It is great for the spine but you can only try it with medical help.


Thanks to Nonprofit GmbH for Tourism Hévíz. The opinions are ours.

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15 thoughts on “Hévíz, Hungary – At the world´s largest thermal bath”

  1. 2 celsius? First I’ve heard of that. 🙂 Looks very interesting. I’ve never made it to Hungary yet for thermal spas since we have so many here in Slovenia. This looks very inviting though.

    • It´s not that hard because you you shouldn´t swim the whole time. You should relax. That´s why many people use swimming aids. We didn´t know it so we swam around a little while others were floating.


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