Gourmet Days at the Kleinwalsertal


“Vom Fäld uf s Tällar “- From the meadow to the plate

The Kleinwalsertal is a valley in the western part of Austria. It is special because you can only reach it by car or bus from Germany (close to Oberstorf). In the valley they know what relishing means.

That´s what we encountered at the first Walser Gourmet Days in June (June 12-15, 2014).

Be it the gourmet market, which takes place at Friday in Hirschegg, or at one of the gourmet mountain huts. Delicious food and drinks  can be found everywhere.

Different themes let you indulge into the gourmet world. We skip the game and beef theme, as we are vegetarians. Instead we hike to the gourmet mountain hut Alpe Melköde.  As we arrive the cheese was already made for today but we could watch how cheese was transported in the past. This loaf of cheese was brought to the first open air concert held by the band from the village Riezlern. This evening we sat there at the Kurpark in Riezlern with friends on a picnic blanket, drank some Austrian red wine and ate cheese from the Kleinwalsertal, while listening to the music.

Kleinwalsertal Vorarlberg Tirol

We couldn´t skip the cheesecake fresh from the oven while watching the beautiful nature and the cute goats.

Kleinwalsertal Genussreisetipps

Curious? 😀

At the Alpe Widderstein in the Bärgunt valley we tried their self made herbal tea, as well as coffee served in style, while listening to zither music.

coffee time

Zitherklänge im Kleinwalsertal
Zither sounds at the Kleinwalsertal

The Alpe Widderstein can be reached from the village Baad as easily as the Alpe Melköde (close to Riezlern) by foot.

In the gourmet mountain hut Alpe Widderstein there is by the way a table from the year 1656. I´m sure the table has seen and heard a lot. 😀

Bärgunttal Kleinwalsertal

In the Kleinwalsertal local products are very important.

We notice this at our accomodation Walserstuba in Riezlern too. Jeremias Riezler, chef and co-owner got this year his second award as gourmet host (GenussWirt) of the state Vorarlberg. In the restaurant local products and home made jams and teas are offered.

We got hold of the best (mountain)herbal tea at the Alpengasthof  Hörnlepaß. Christine, herbal fairy and owner of the restaurant and hotel showed us her herb garden, where she planted and grows countless herbs.


From anti-aging-tips for us women to a recipe for daisy butter; Christine knows it all.

While I am interested in the different herbal tea mixtures to bring  some Kleinwalsertal home with us Thomas found his own interpretation of enjoyment. He had fun with the special bikes. 😀

Bike fun in Austria

We found out you can find something for every taste in the Kleinwalsertal at the, but not only, at the Gourmet Days.

Time lapse impressions:

More about the Kleinwalsertal here:


Thanks to the Kleinwalsertal for the invitation. All opinions are ours.

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32 thoughts on “Gourmet Days at the Kleinwalsertal”

  1. I bet you get some nice mountain views from those special bikes. This sounds like the perfect weekend – homemade everything, fresh air and some Austrian reds. Very jealous!

    • Luckily you get those nice mountain views without “climbing” on this special bike. It was a great experience in the Kleinwalsertal plus the people there are really friendly and nice. I´m sure you would like it a lot there, Dave.

  2. I think I may have missed everything else by just staying where that cheesecake was! It looks delicious!

    • They had three fun-bikes. When you turned left with one the bike went to the right. With the other one you had to turn the pedals backwards and the third one was the one on the picture. Looked great but I (Christina) enjoyed it more watching Thomas instead of trying it myself. 😀

  3. The cheesecake looks great, but thanks most of all for including the photo of the zither – that entirely changed the soundtrack I had in my mind while reading. 🙂

  4. Such lovely photos – I’m totally in love with the one of the little goats 😀 I grew up in Austria and never been to or even heard of Kleinwalsertal. I should change that!

  5. Ich glaube, ich muss MEINEN Kräutergarten erweitern: Um kleine Anti-Aging-Helferlein! Ich steh ja auf alles, was aus dem eigenen Garten kommt. Und da fällt mir ein, dass ich heute DRINGENDST Obst pflücken sollte : )

    • Vom Obst pflücken sind wir in den Alpen noch weit entfernt…
      Was gibt es denn schon Tolles in deinem Garten?
      So ein Kräutergarten ist schon sehr spannend, aber auch das Räuchern mit Wild- und Unkräutern. Irgendwann, wenn ich mehr Zeit habe werde ich selber zur Kräuterhexe.

  6. Mmmm cheesecake. This looks like a wonderful little getaway. Sadly we only made it to Vienna during out time in Austria but the countryside looks gorgeous 🙂


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