Active along the Balaton in Hungary

Segway and e-biking in Hungary

Is there anything better than exploring nature with wheels? Especially when they do most of the work. 😀

In Hévíz in Hungary we experience our first time twice.

Segway Tour

In front of the tourist information we are welcomed by Gábor, who shows us, how a  Segway is working. Minutes later we step onto it and I feel like in the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop in the open mall called Hévíz. Handling the segway isn´t that complicated how I was thinking before.  The engine balances my movements. Leaning forward – I´m riding. Stretching out my hands and leaning back and I stop. Lean back and I back up.

Between our guide Gábor and Thomas I ride along the neat little city, along the Hévíz´ thermal bath.  We are able to ride along forest paths, across small wooden bridges and under shade-giving trees with the big wheels.

Watch in HD:

After about 40 minutes we are back at the starting point and come to the résumé riding with a segway is awesome and time went by way too fast.  Segway riding is definitely addictive.

Afterwards our feet are “screaming” for care. In the Zena Beauty & Med Center, a „Beauty-Temple“, our feet are treated with a foot massage. One floor above us the drills of the dental clinic are humming and in the 3rd floor women (and men) can get plastic surgery. A complete makeover in one house. We are more interested in the lower floor with massages, a beauty salon, hairdresser and the  spa. 🙂

 E-biking along the Balaton

We experience the second, first time the next morning. We rent at the tourist information in Hévíz an e-bike and are curious how it works and feel.

Power instead of condition!

After a couple of meters when the accumulator starts the first time I know: I like it!

Active along the Balaton in Hungary (E-Bike and Segway)

Stress-free and weld-free at about 32 degrees Celsius riding along the bike path to the Balaton, while other bikers are gasping and sweating.

Driving past the castle Festetics in Keszthely.

Active along the Balaton in Hungary (E-Bike and Segway)

Along the shore of the Balaton. We stop and enjoy the view. Around the Balaton is a bike path but in one day it would be way too far. The Balaton is 70 kilometers long and up to 14 kilometers wide. The lake is the largest in the eastern and middle part of Europe.

Active along the Balaton in Hungary (E-Bike and Segway)

Active along the Balaton in Hungary (E-Bike and Segway)

After about 25 kilometers we turn around after the golf court. Up there you have a beautiful view over the Balaton.

Afterwards we enjoy a sundae in the streets of Keszthely.

Active along the Balaton in Hungary (E-Bike and Segway)
The pedestrian zone  in Keszthely

The castle Festetics in Keszthely with its maintained park and shade-giving trees invite us to stay for a while.

Active along the Balaton in Hungary (E-Bike and Segway)
Pause beim Schloss Festetics

On our ride back to Hévíz green-blue-shimmering lizards and a pheasant cross our way. After 50 kilometers we arrive again in Hévíz  making our way with the e-Bikes through the farmers market. My accumulator is still full. We were told you can ride the e-bike for about 80 kilometers without charging. Perfect for a bike tour in the early summer.

Thanks to Nonprofit GmbH for Tourism Hévíz. The opinions are ours.

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11 thoughts on “Active along the Balaton in Hungary”

  1. what a delightful little place! You should have had a go at some plastic surgery though – when in Rome and all that! 😉

  2. Sounds like a great adventure! I would like to have a go on a Segway, sounds fun! I wonder how it would be to ride an e-bike!

  3. Great post! Really inspiring! I’ve never rode a Segway, my best friend told me it’s fun but I’m a bit scared. I think I’m too clumsy 😀 The pictures are beautiful and make me want to go to Hungary!

    • I´m sure you aren´t too clumsy to ride a Segway, Ursula. As I mentioned it´s a lot easier than I thought.
      Hungary is such a great place. We enjoyed our stay a lot and I think you would too.

  4. Es gibt tatsächlich kaum etwas besseres, als mit einem Fahrrad eine Ortschaft zu erkunden. Mit einem eBike würde mir das noch besser gefallen 🙂

    liebe Grüsse,

  5. Wunderschöne Fotos und toller Bericht!
    Ungarn ist einfach schön…
    Ich habe Budapest mit dem Rad erkundet – ist auch sehr zu empfehlen…
    Liebe Grüße aus Budapest


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