Ein Wochenende in den Twin-Cities Wien und Bratislava

|Ich wurde von Lindner Hotels zu dieser Reise eingeladen.|

Vienna, capital of Austria and Bratislava, capital of Slovakia are rich in history and only 60 kilometers (37 miles) apart. Visiting one city, it´s easy and a smart idea to travel to the other city as well.

Both countries belong to the European Union and have the same currency (). That´s what I really like. Not thinking about changing a currency and having to calculate the whole day long and feeling like my head will explode any second.

The Twin-Cities Vienna and Bratislava got this name because no other capitals in Europe are closer together.

Spin along the Danube

To travel from Vienna to Bratislava and vice versa the Twin City Liner, a fast catamaran on the Danube, is to me a great way to get from A to B (in this case from V(ienna) to B(ratislava)). In 75 minutes for about 30 € enjoying the Danube, pittoresque fishing huts and comfy chairs in the cabin or feeling the breeze and a sense of freedom on the deck of the catamaran.

Donaukanal Wien Twin-City-Liner
Leaving the Danube Canal in Vienna.

Memories of the past…

I was living 10 months on a catamaran years ago sailing the Med, crossing the Atlantic Ocean and sailing the Caribbean. Being on the Twin-City-Liner gave me some bittersweet memories of the past..

Donaukanal Wien
Luckily I had no problems with the Monsters of the Danube Canal…

Culture shock !?!

Getting off the catamaran I was dealing with a first shock. Compared to Vienna the buildings I saw first were old, partly ugly and destroyed with graffiti. But before you close this post give Bratislava a second chance like I did…

Bratislava Slovakia
I know exactly why they put their tongue out…

The WOW!-Effect!

A Slovakian woman said:

„You will get a Wow!-Effect as soon as you are in the Old Town of Bratislava.“

After checking in at the Lindner Hotel Gallery Central and overlooking Bratislava from my room at the 10th floor the tram brought me to the Old Town. And the young woman was right: Stepping into the historic part of Bratislava and you will get a WOW!-Effect. Buildings as beautiful as in Vienna.

Bratislava Slowakei Altstadt

The dominating church with a gilded crown reminds of the Austrian royals like Empress Maria Theresia. Kings were crowned here when Slovakia was part of the Austrian empire long time ago.

St. Martin Bratislava
St. Martin, where the royals were crowned.

Best view in Bratislava

To get the best view of the whole town and its 500 000 inhabitants the Bratislava castle or the  Outlook Bar & Lounge at the 13th floor in the Lindner Hotel Gallery Central were my favorite choice.

Schloss Bratislava Slowakei
Bratislava castle
Overlooking Bratislava from the Bratislava Castle.
Overlooking Bratislava from the Bratislava Castle.
View from the Outlook Bar& Lounge.
View from the Outlook Bar& Lounge.
Sunset from my room in Bratislava
Sunset from my room in Bratislava.


Shopping, for example at the Gallery Central, is not cheaper when it comes to clothes but there are some Slovakian labels with nice clothes, bags and shoes. The Gallery Central is open every day.

Shopping Center Gallery Central
Shopping Center Gallery Central


Vienna is more expensive and cleaner. Bratislava is cheaper when it comes to food and beverages (that´s why a lot of young people go there to drink). Some parts of Bratislava still remind me of an eastern country BUT:

Bratislava is definitely a city to visit. Especially the Old Town has its own flair and the view from the Bratislava Castle is awesome. If you are there you should try the local specialties like Slovakian schnapps, wine and food with goat cheese.

Thanks to Lindner Hotels & Resorts for the invitation. The opinions are ours.

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36 Gedanken zu „Ein Wochenende in den Twin-Cities Wien und Bratislava“

  1. Many people don’t know that Bratislava is so close and miss out on it when in Vienna – this post should help solve that problem! Beautiful shots of the old town, thanks for sharing them 🙂

  2. I never though about visiting both of the cities but this post made me rethink my travel options! I definitely want to go to Bratislava and Vienna. If you have the chance, come to Bulgaria, too! 🙂

  3. Looks interesting. I nearly got to Bratislava a couple of years ago but didn’t quite make it – I’ll have to add it to the list for the future.

  4. I loved Vienna and visited many times, but funnily enough I’ve never been to Bratislava (except the airport!) Need to pay a visit soon though and when I do, I’ll definitely take the ferry!

  5. I fell in love with Vienna, I did not have the same experience in Bratislava. I would like to go back and visit other parts of the country instead.

  6. I love the sunset photo! These look like nice places to visit, planning my trip to Europe is going to be tough, it seems like there are so many good places to choose from.

  7. I can’t wait to get on the Danube. Great tip to pair visits to both cities. It looks like Bratislava is destined to be an up-and-comer for travelers. Cheers!

  8. I’ve never been to any of these cities and I lived so close for such a long time. But the only thing I can tell is that they look probably pretty the same as Krakow where I used to go to school. I think I really need to go and visit some neighborhood countries and their capitals!

    • So many times travelers visit far away places but don´t know their own country or the neighbourhood countries. You are not alone. That´s why we started to explore places close by too not long ago. 🙂

  9. I really liked both of these cities, but I think Bratislava is more romantic. Because of the medieval atmosphere with the cobbled stone streets and beautiful lights at night.


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