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Wohooo!!! We are so happy because we were nominated for a virtual Liebster Award not only once but TWICE !


Although the roots of the Liebster Award are unknown, it is an honor given by bloggers to other bloggers. The word „liebster“ has German origins and can be translated to a variety of English meanings, such as lovely, kind, pleasant and beloved.

When a blogger is nominated for the Liebster Award, the nominee is asked to answer ten questions, tell about the person who nominated you and then nominates other bloggers and asks them new questions.

Who nominated us?

Cook Sip Go nominated us as well as Travelling Buzz. is a food, drink and travel blog by Dave Cole who convinced us in his latest posts that Africa is definitely a place to see and go. You should definitely check out his posts about Africa and his other travel adventures. Maria from loves to share her stories about her journeys and when she´s at home in Bulgaria she likes to share tips about her country.

The Liebster Award Questions And Our Answers

1. What is the first travel you remember?

Christina: The first one I remember was to my hometown I now live. We visited our family here (father´s side) and moved later to this town.

Thomas:  The first one I remember was traveling to an amusement park in Nürnberg in Germany.

2. Which destination is at the top of your travel bucket list?

Christina: Right now on top of my travel bucket list is Palau because of the Jellyfish Lake and of course because of the sea. I love being at the sea. I saw it on TV and was so impressed by this special lake where you can swim between thousands of harmless jellyfish.

Thomas: The Maldives because it´s beautiful and tranquil.

3. Where did you experience your most memorable meal on the road and what was it?

Christina: Every country has their own memorable meals but I like to remember being in Southern France last summer having a plain Baguette we bought in a little boulangerie and a red wine and sitting next to a river in the sun enjoying this „meal“. Nothing can beat this experience not even the best restaurants in the world.

Thomas: The best meal I had was at the Maldives when I ate fish back then. It was fresh and cold because it was displayed on ice. It tasted awesome.

4. Who is your favorite travel writer/blogger?

Christina: That´s a tough question to answer. There are many great writers and bloggers out there but what really catches my eye are the pictures on a blog. I love looking at pictures because they can tell more than a thousand words.

Thomas: I am more into learning about the GoPro and technical stuff so I am not really reading travel blogs.

5. Even though new destinations are fun, what is one place you could return to again and again?

Christina: Definitely Ireland and South France.  The landscape and the people in Ireland are amazing and the turquoise lakes and the smell of the Provence plus the food there is awesome.

Thomas: South France because it´s not that far to drive, it´s beautiful and I like the water sport possibilities.

6. What´s the most interesting wildlife experience you´ve had on your travels?

Christina: Swimming with sharks in the Bahamas, living on a catamaran next to a sea turtle and swimming with manta rays in the Maldives.

Thomas: The best experience I had was snorkeling and following a sting ray in the Maldives.

7. What is the one thing you miss the most when you are far away from home?

Christina: Our two cats Lucy and Bear. But when we are traveling our family at home takes good care of them.

Thomas: The only „thing“ I miss when I´m far from home are our cats.

8. What is your favorite restaurant in your hometown?

Christina: My favorite „restaurant“ at home is at home 🙂 when Thomas cooks for me. I enjoy it the most having a meal at home especially because while eating vegetarian, the restaurants still don´t provide enough choice. Sometimes you can find only one or two.

Thomas: An old woman is the owner of a pub in my hometown. I like it because  it´s homey.

9.  What is the most athletic feat you´ve accomplished while traveling?

Christina: Hiking two days in a row in Cinque Terre in Italy.

Thomas: I attended a boulder and slackline course which was really exhausting.

10. Have you ever attempted to cook at home a dish you first tried while traveling? If so, what was the result?

Christina: I tried the Gumbo from New Orleans and the Amok Fish in a vegetarian way from Cambodia and different dishes from India. They tasted good but not the same and not as good as in the country. I guess it´s because the flair of the country is missing.

Thomas: I tried it but it was only as half as good.

And here are our nominees:

Elena from Creativelena:

Crazzzy Travel:

and your questions:

1. How did you get infected by the „travel bug“?

2. What was your most impressive journey ever?

3. Do you prefer staying in hotels or with locals?

4. What is your favorite travel picture and what´s the story behind it?

5. Where will your next trip lead you to?

6. If you win a ticket to one place in the world where would it take you?

7. Which person would you like to meet?

8. In which country would you like to live beside your own country?

9. Why did you start a travel blog?

10. What is your favorite travel quote? 

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  1. Great answers 🙂 Sounds like you have had some pretty amazing experiences and traveled to some cool places. I really want to go to the Maldives before they disappear but I am not a person who can sit on a beach! 🙁

    • …that´s why we were snorkelling and swimming a lot. I don´t like being e.g. in a Club for a week being the whole day at the beach or the pool. The Maldives, especially the tiny islands, can´t be compared. To me it was a unique experience and I´m sure you would enjoy the sea and the beach. 🙂


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