4 Gedanken zu „Cage Diving with Great White Sharks in Australia (Port Lincoln)“

    • That’s exactly why I chose this company for this trip. It is important that they aren’t hurt. I’m sure as long as we treat them with respect and know that it is THEIR habitat not ours, we should be fine. 😉

      The sad thing is that many choose other companies (those that use baits) because they get more thrill out of it when the sharks are crashing into the cage.
      Not exactly what I like or think is acceptable.

  1. Isn’t it harmful if the sharks eat the decoys that were in almost every shot. How is a synthetic decoy with metal rings any better than a bait?

    • Hi Tom, thanks for your comment. The synthetic decoys with metal rings you talk about are bells that produce the sound. None of the sharks I saw bit into the bells and the sharks also didn’t touch the cage.


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