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Elena from Creativelena


As a professional travel blogger & tourism expert working in an international field, I get new ideas & inspiration for trips almost every day. In order to focus on a certain destination or topic, I always revert back to what it is that I really like and care about: What is it that I particularly like or want to find out about a certain destination? Is it language, the way people are, the nature, the scenery, the climate, the contrast to what I’m used to, the culinary part, the culture, the unique offers for travellers, and/ or a mix of all of that?

Concerning my most inspirational travel styles, I am very clear: I could never participate in an organised club holiday, for instance. Travelling, for me, should always be in sync with the rhythm of the local population as well as the environment, and in the best of cases teach me (and the host population) something new at the same time so that we may all move forward by sharing and learning. Doing this, as a traveller you are able to confirm that the world is actually GOOD, that people are sweet and actually care about the same things all over the world (yes, it is true ;).

Then again, I also find inspiration in taking hours or days off for myself while travelling, either travelling solo or with a good friend / my partner in order to relax and fully soak up the nature of a foreign place, the culture, the messages of the people living there, by taking pictures or jotting down notes in my travel diary … This, in turn, then leads to new travel inspiration but also inspires me to be more conscious about my everyday life: What do I really need (to be happy)? How much money, possessions, etc. are necessary? Less certainly is more.

I love the lessons that travelling teaches me, especially „creative travel“: This is something that i particularly care about as „Creativelena“, making me see the world with new eyes and learning from the creativity of others. Expressing this kind of joy, or gift, in words and photography on my travel blog, inspiring even more people to believe in themselves and in the world, counts among the greatest „achievements“ and pleasures of my life.


Elena writes on her site www.creativelena.com.

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  1. I completely agree, taking some time away from everything and really diving into the culture of the place I’m in is my number one inspiration. After a few days of that, I’m 100% rejuvenated and ready to tackle anything in the world!


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