Seoul – The Never Sleeping City Part 2

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As promised, here are some impressions and lots and lots of things to do in the great city of Seoul.

The “old” Seoul



old houses.
You can find it directly between modern buildings of skyscrapers. The old city center has been encircled by new concrete buildings but there is still space enough to dive into the old time of Joseon. You need to take some time for the largest of the palaces (Gyeongdeokgung). It´s really huge!

Seoul South Korea

Seoul South Korea

Changing of the Guard

At Deoksugung-Palace you can watch a Joseon-time „Changing of the Guards“ or even take part in it.

Seoul South Korea

Seoul South Korea

Changing of the Guard Seoul South Korea

Typical Korean village

There is a typical Korean village at the foot of Namsan-mountain, including furniture and environment. Mainly on weekends you can also witness a traditional Korean wedding ceremony there! There is also a show with traditional dance and music performances, as well as Taekwondo-performance nearly every day.

Seoul South Korea

typical Korean village – house of a salesperson

Jogyesa Temple

One of the most impressive temples is Jogyesa.

The hundreds and hundreds of flowers there are just beautiful and stunning at the same time. If you are tired from that kind of trip, best visit the beautiful district of Insadong to relax, have a Green tea-Latte and enjoy the mood there.

Jogyesa Temple Seoul South Korea

Seoul South Korea

Seoul South Korea

Romantic Seoul ♡ ♡ ♡


I just couldn´t believe myself how many nice, calm and romantic places I found in such a big city. There is Cheonggye-River, a creek running through Seoul. In history the government tried to bury it beneath ground but now they changed their mind and added lights, many symbols and a kind of natural environment. You can take a walk there and completely forget about stress and hectics.

Seoul South Korea

N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower (on Namsan mountain) is one of the most famous viewpoints and is especially famous for young couples. There is a story about a bear, who saw a very shy couple sitting on a bench. They where in love but so shy that they each sat on the far end of the bench. So the bear took a seat directly in the middle of the bench but he was so heavy that the wood broke and the couple slid towards the bear. After the animal went off, the couple sat next to each other. But: In love or not, the view over the nightly city of Seoul is just breathtaking!

Broken Bench Seoul South Korea

Credit: Lisi Ruetz

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Lisi RuetzLisi Ruetz, Author of a German Fantasy book series “Der Schattenkristall” went on a solo trip to Seoul, South Korea this Fall and tells us about her experience in the never sleeping city.

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