Umag in Croatia

How about spending a day having a plain Pizza you could get around the corner but actually drive 7 1/2 hours one way to Umag to get there. We did it. Is this nuts? Yes. Maybe.

Kroatien Bucht
Arriving close to Umag

We had an awesome time. (If you follow us on Facebook you can see our pictures from Umag). And that´s how life should be. Having fun. Not doing what everyone else does. Feeling alive and a little crazy. Those are the memories you will think about decades later. You can tell your children and grandchildren.

First view of the old part of the little town Umag.
First view of the old part of the little town Umag.

Our drive took us from Austria to the westernmost part of Croatia and to one of the first cities in northern Croatia at the Adriatic Coast. No wonder it is called the Gateway to Istria from Northern Europe. Our daytrip took us to Umag in Istria. Umag. A little town with a harbour and an Old Town surrounded by the sea. Boats in Umag Croatia

Walking along the seafront in Umag
Walking along the seafront in Umag

Why there? Because we wanted to see the sea. Sea with the clearest water. Croatia is the first choice for it. And yes. We had Pizza and lots of coffee.

Lots of coffee and well, the Pizza is already in our tummy...
Lots of coffee and well, the Pizza is already in our tummy…

Strolling around the small roads is fun and the hospitality in the little restaurants is great. In one little restaurant they gave us a dessert and an Easter egg because it was Easter Sunday. How nice!

Altough it was a long drive (15 hours all together) we didn´t regret our crazy little adventure. Umag and the Adriatic Coast were a great place to spend the day.  And on our way back we enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the Chiemsee in Germany. Deutschland But now we are curious: What was a crazy thing you did lately? We would love to hear about it.

11 thoughts on “Umag in Croatia”

    • We enjoyed our Pizza and coffee at the Buoni Amici. Tasted good and we had a view to the harbour and the church and main plaza in Umag. Great place.

  1. Hach, ich will ja schon soooo lange mal nach Kroatien. Habt Ihr 15 Stunden hin und zurück gebraucht oder tatsächlich eine Strecke? Naja, von NRW brauch ich gar nicht erst über eine Anreise mit dem Auto nachzudenken. Dafür liegt ja Schottland fast um die Ecke ;). Verrücktheiten bleiben mit kleinen Kindern ein bisschen auf der Strecke. Aber ich fands schon ziemlich bekloppt den Old Man of Storr auf der Isle of Skye mit einem 2jährigen zu besteigen. Post dazu folgt demnächst mal. 😉 GlG, Nadine

    • Wir haben 15 Stunden hin und zurück gebraucht. Kroatien von euch aus wäre wirklich ein Stückchen zu weit. Aber gerade mit Kindern wäre es sicher in toller Urlaub. Bin schon gespannt auf deinen Beitrag über eure Besteigung des Old Man of Storr. P.S.: wenn man nicht ab und zu “bekloppt” wäre wäre das Leben doch langweilig. 🙂

  2. It may sound crazy to drive so far, but it’s exactly the kind of thing we would do too. 🙂 Looks lovely, and how about that sunset!!

    • That´s great to hear there are more “crazy” people around.
      It is a lovely place and it was a great idea to do this spontaneous Road Trip. 🙂


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