Pear Schnapps, Apple Cider, Skiing And A Pinch Of Salt

#ski_mission at the Hochkar

After we had lots of fun at the ski area Lackenhof-Oetscher we drove 45 minutes to the Hochkar ski area at 1400 meters (4590 feet) and checked in at the JoSchi Sporthaus in the middle of the ski area.

Mostviertel Göstling an der Ybbs
Up to the Hochkar

New rooms with wooden floors, a big rain shower and a tasty dinner are awaiting us.

süße Versuchung
Sweet temptation – luckily the next day we are skiing and snowboarding to get rid of these calories…

The next morning we jump out of bed and into the skiing world. In between we enjoy a breakfast.

Biofrühstück Mostviertel
As the label says: fit like a rabbit

Fit like a  (snow)rabbit.

While we take out our skis and snowboard from the T4 we hear from the loud speaker an interview from the radio station Arabella with the mayor of Göstling, Franz Heigl. Interesting. He will be skiing too today.

I had no clue he would be standing next to us 5 minutes later and greets us with a broad smile. Franz – that´s how he introduces himself- is our “Tour-Guide” today (and supports us liquid wise) at the ski area Hochkar.

While showing us the area and the alps around he tells us

“when the weather comes from the North there will be a f* huge heap of snow.”

Now we are informed. Weather from the North = snow blessing

Meanwhile we, respectively Elena, had the honor to introduce us travel bloggers to the whole Lower Austria region. Radio Arabella – live today in the Hochkar ski area – talked with Elena about our websites. …We got famous…almost. 😀

Blogger bei Radio Arabella

Even if the sky didn´t show a perfect blue the slopes where still a dream. To turn us away from the greyish sky Franz pulled out a yellow glass bottle from his jacket.

Pear Schnapps. Home made.

…and this time my body didn´t shake because of smelling and tasting the schnapps. I hate schnapps but my curiosity is bigger. I taste it and have to admit: It isn´t bad.

Mostviertel Niederösterreich
Paparazzi Claudia with Elena enjoying the Pear Schnapps
I´m joking and tell all we are missing now is a real Most (apple cider) because we are in the Mostviertel (apple cider area). Franz´ ears hear it and he insists we have to visit him in the afternoon at his farm house for a Most – a home made of course. He even wanted to cook scrambled eggs for us, even though he can´t cook.

His hospitality knocks my socks off.

Despite the rising wind we use the open lifts and have a hell lot of fun.

Skigebiet Hochkar ski area

Unfortunately the way to Lower Austria´s highest Pizzeria  is closed because of the wind, but we enjoy Austrian specialties at JoSchi´s Karhütte. In their slogan they talk about being in a wind protected area of the Hochkar.

True. The wind isn´t as bad and my vegetarian heart is happy. Alm salad freshly made instead of the otherwise common food you find at other alms like pea soup out of the can, which looks like being vomited.

Fresh cooked food, altough a lot is going on during the lunch time.

Alm salad and a Weizen. Life is great…

You can find all of my recommendations on my Everplaces-Profile. Check it out.

What about the pinch of salt? Don´t worry, it won´t be about food (maybe a little 😉 ) What I mean plus a video about the #ski_mission Oetscher and Hochkar, useful data and facts are here on City Sea Country.

Thanks to Mostviertel Tourismus. And thank´s to Claudia Polt and Franz Heigl. You are unique! All opinions are ours.

4 thoughts on “Pear Schnapps, Apple Cider, Skiing And A Pinch Of Salt”

    • Zum Glück durften wir zwischendurch Ski fahren, sonst wären wir wahrscheinlich heimgerollt statt gefahren. 😀

  1. Hallo Christina,

    wirklich gelungener Blog! Besonders den Beitrag über das Ski-und Wintersportangebot am Hochkar habe ich sehr genossen 🙂
    Bin da oft selbst unterwegs gewesen, beim Lesen bekomme ich direkt wieder Lust auf den Winter.

    Auf alle Fälle eine super Inspiration für den nächsten Winterurlaub in Österreich.



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