Shark Obsession

I have this weird obsession about sharks. Thanks I am not the only one.

(Read more about the Shark Whisperer Sara Brenes I interviewed recently).

I am so fascinated by these creatures and the same time intimidated.

Being in London twize so far I HAD TO go to the London Sea Life Aquarium. There was no way for me to stay away. I sat there at least half an hour in front of the shark tank.

The same in Atlanta, visiting the Georgia Aquarium.

I love seeing them passing by and looking them right in the eye knowing they can´t harm me.

Being at the Bahamas having a great day with the Powerboat Adventure Tour (I highly recommend it) I was facing both my fear and curiosity.

We were able to snorkel with sharks. There was this huge lemon shark and a couple of smaller, still large reef sharks. After they were fed we could go into the water. My heart was racing while I was thinking about getting into the water or staying at the beach.

Lemon Shark at the Bahamas

I was ready to face my fear cause I was thinking if I wouldn´t do it I would regret it for the rest of my life.

It´s hard to describe how it felt like. I couldn´t believe I would be so calm. My heart wasn´t racing and my breathing felt normal – I felt calm, relaxed and happy. It was great. The sharks swam by close and it was awesome being in their presence.

When finally a reef shark came really close and looked me right in the eye I wasn´t that brave anymore. I knew there was no glass between us and decided to leave slowly its terrain.

Staying at the Maldives for 9 days I was able to meet those guys again. Not that I was looking especially for them. I saw a white tail shark and a black tail shark at our house reef. They were gone as fast as they showed up.

In the shallow water at the white, soft beach we met a baby shark. He was swimming close to our feet and we watched him a while  (we still have our 10 toes).

On my bucket list in the top range is seeing a white shark. Hopefully this will happen some time. Update 2016: I made my dream come true. I finally saw white sharks. You can read all about this experience here:


In my interview I talk with the “Shark Whisperer” Sara Brenes about her experiences with sharks.

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5 thoughts on “Shark Obsession”

  1. Also diese Tour mit dem Powerboat war echt der Wahnsinn. Hab jetzt noch die DVD von unserem adventure zu Hause. Es wird wohl Zeit die wieder mal anzusehen.

    • Stimmt. Es war ein einmaliger Tag und eine Tour, die man uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen kann (zumindest damals). Ist ja doch schon ein paar Jährchen her…


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