Salzburg: Impressions from the city along the Salzach

At the end of November we visited the city along the river Salzach. We searched and found the Best Christmas Markets in Salzburg and attended the Gnigler Krampuslauf, where wild creatures roam the streets.

Old meets Young, Antique meets New – our best pictures from Salzburg


Salzburg: Impressions From The City Along The Salzach
Streetart by JanaundJS – Antique shop meets new art

Walking along old alleys in Salzburg we spotted this work by JanaundJS, a couple living currently in Salzburg. An old, abandoned grocery store became a new life with this art project.

Salzburg: Impressions From The City Along The Salzach
View from the Fortress Hohensalzburg

The Fortress / Castle Hohensalzburg is the symbol of the city Salzburg. More than a million visitors per year walk up the steep way or take the Festungsbahn (funicular). Especially in the evening the view from the largest, fully-preserved fortress in Central Europe is spectacular.

Salzburg: Impressions From The City Along The Salzach
Silent Night, Holy Night – Joseph Mohr, writer of the world famous Christmas song lived in this house.

At the end of the Steingasse we stopped in front of this ivy-covered building. Joseph Mohr, writer of the Christmas song Silent Night, Holy Night lived here for some time.

Salzburg: Impressions From The City Along The Salzach
One of the coolest cafes in Salzburg.

One of the most colorful and coolest cafes in Salzburg is the Afro Cafe. The walls are covered with colorful paintings and the coffee and (vegetarian) food tastes great. What a color splash.

Salzburg: Impressions From The City Along The Salzach
Original Mozart-Kugeln

What would be Salzburg without Mozart? If you want to taste the one and only original Mozart-Kugel you´ll find them at the Cafe Fürst close to the Dom- and Residenzplatz. Delicious. They are handmade and filled with nougat, marzipan and other sweeeeet stuff.

Salzburg: Impressions From The City Along The Salzach

Did you know Paracelsus the famous alchemist, physician, botanist, and astrologer was in Salzburg? I didn´t until I saw his tomb here.

Salzburg: Impressions From The City Along The Salzach
Beautiful decorated streets in Salzburg.

While walking around Salzburg it is a good idea to lift your head and look at the buildings and the decoration. You´ll find interesting things to look at.

If you want to find more out about Salzburg click on the picture below:

Salzburg Austria Österreich

Thanks to Tourism Salzburg for the invitation. The opinions are ours.

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10 thoughts on “Salzburg: Impressions from the city along the Salzach”

  1. Nice photos..! I really like Salzburg. I once went there for a business trip and I really enjoyed roaming the streets in the evening.. I even went up to a hill where it looked really mysterious and kind of scary too.. but the view was just mesmerising. Oh, and they’ve got a great authentic Chinese restaurant there 🙂

  2. Your pictures are great, though I do wish they were a bit bigger! I have never been to Salzburg, lately though I have been seeing a lot of bloggers posting about Austria, makes me want to get there (especially around the holidays)!

    • Thanks for your input, Katie.
      Do you really think a lot of bloggers are posting about Austria? If so, it´s great altough I don´t find a lot writing about Austria. Looks like I have to do a little research. 😉


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