Review: Traveler´s Edition / Kit from My Essential Kits

Traveling, how fun it is, can be exhausting. That’s why I’m constantly looking for products and ways to make travel life as easy as possible.
My Essential Kits talked to me about their Traveler’s / Backpacker’s kit and I was more than curious testing their Traveler’s Edition.

The products included in this kit are for ‘suitcase travelers’, campers, as well as backpacker’s (which I am definitely not). Only when I’m hiking. 😉

What is inside the Traveler’s Kit

In the Traveler’s Edition from My Essential Kits is included:

  • a fast drying towel (with a huge surprise for girls; read more below)
  • a mini heat sealer to seal food, electronics and other travel items airtight and watertight
  • a collapsible, lightweight water bottle
  • 2 combination locks
Review My Essential Kits Traveler's Kit Backpacker's Kit Camping Kit
The fast drying towel

I like it, especially while traveling, when products can be used in more than one way. The fast drying, lightweight towel is not only a towel. It is also a dress. Can you believe that? Yes. The guys can use it as a towel and we can use it as a towel and a dress. There are two loops attached to the towel so you can hang it up somewhere or when you wear it as a dress those are the arm holes.

The Mini Heat Sealer

This is probably my favorite product of the kit (next to the towel/dress). The Mini Sealer which works with two AA alkaline batteries can seal an open food bag (chips bag, bag filled with nuts,…) or can seal the electronic gadgets airtight and watertight. I like using the sealer not only for road trips but also during a city trip. I can seal my left overs instead of throwing them away or have them falling around inside my bag.

The foldable, lightweight water bottle

I already own one of these collapsible, BPA free water bottles and I absolutely like using it. The foldable bottle is great to use after check-ins at the airport because you can fill the bottle at the fountains and when the bottle is empty you can roll it up and secure it with the silicone strap and/or hook to your bag, backpack or pants with the carabiner. I also use it when I’m shopping or outdoors. It doesn’t need a lot of space and its lightweight.

The 2 combination locks

There’s not a lot to say about the 2 combination locks. I can always use them for my camera bag, my suitcase or backpack. They come with an insert on how to change the combination. Easy to use.

White vs. Black Box?

First I thought, well, a plain white box for a kit I probably will buy as a gift for a friend? Not that cute. So I talked to the guys over at My Essential Kits and they explained, that they wanted to leave the box plain white because they want to encourage us to decorate the box to make it even more special when you give it away as a gift.

Makes total sense.

If you are not into decorating boxes you can let it be wrapped by Amazon as a gift when you purchase the Traveler’s kit from Amazon.

I love to win – You?

I totally love the ideas from My Essential Kits. With every kit you buy you have the chance to win gift cards for Amazon or even new released kits. So watch out if you receive a black box. This means you are a lucky winner.

And even if you receive the normal white box that I received, you can still win some great prizes by uploading your pictures of your kits using the hashtag: #myessentialkitrocks

You can check out their video about the kit with some useful information here:

If you want more information about the kit you can go to: My Essential Kits.

You can purchase the Traveler’s Edition /Kit at

Thanks to My Essential Kits for the opportunity to test this product. The opinions are 100% mine.
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16 thoughts on “Review: Traveler´s Edition / Kit from My Essential Kits”

  1. You got some neat travel essentials here. I think I need that fast drying towel in my life. Nothing irks me more than a wet towel. It makes the load heavy.

    • It´s true. Carrying around a wet towel is awful (and it starts smelling :(). The good thing about this towel is that we girls can wear it as a dress too. The perfect companion when traveling around warm countries/places or for the beach and pool. It is apart from the heat sealer and the collapsible water bottle one of my favorites too.

  2. Some really handy items in there! I’m more of a backpacker so that towel, water bottle and lock could be handy. Not sure why I’d need a sealer though 🙂 I usually close open bags with cloths pegs, works quite well!

    • I used to close my bags with cloth pegs too but the sealer is a lot better. You can seal food which stays crisp and fresh or even a wet or smelly towel or electronics waterproof. The sealer is small in size so it would fit perfect into a backpack.

  3. OMG, I had never heard of a mini heat sealer! I am so glad I found your post, I have to have one! This has to be the best travel gadget of the year.

  4. The heat sealer is an interesting item. It makes sense the way you’ve explained…for sealing food and leftovers. I just wonder if I would use it that much to justify the space and weight it would take up in my backpack. The collapsible water bottle is a fantastic idea.

  5. Love the idea of the mini heat sealer, sort of one of those problems you didn’t know you had but now realise you probably can’t live without. So cool!


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