5 Days, 5 Female Bloggers About Travel Inspiration

In the World Wide Web are dozens of interesting Travel Bloggers with a lot  of faszinating stories. 

My curiosity let me reach out to 5 female Travel Bloggers to ask them where and how they find their travel inspiration for future travel destinations and experiences

Anja from Travel on Toast

Anja Beckmann - Neuseeland

I ask other travelers about their favourite countries and destinations. That´s how I came to e.g. New Zealand, Mexico or Nicaragua.

I used travel guides during my world travel a couple years ago.

Meanwhile I rely on other bloggers – they provide current information, secret tips and personal impressions.

Because I read many travel blogs, I can assess, if they match my travel style.

One example: Sarah writes at Heimatherz about foreign countries and food, she travels individual like I do a lot of times.

In one of my blog articles I listed my favourite travel blogs about different regions and themes:


5 Days, 5 Female Bloggers About Travel Inspiration – Day 2 with Blickgewinkelt

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  1. Interessant! Freunde und andere Blogger liefern mir zwar auch die ein oder andere Inspiration, aber meine Sehnsucht wird meist ganz woanders entfacht! Sonnige Grüße,


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