5 Days, 5 Female Bloggers About Travel Inspiration

In the World Wide Web are dozens of interesting Travel Bloggers with a lot of faszinating stories. 

My curiosity let me reach out to 5 female Travel Bloggers to ask them where and how they find their travel inspiration for future travel destinations and experiences

Sarah from Rapunzel will raus

Sarah Althaus 

To find inspiration for my journeys is the least of problems I have to face, because I want to see the whole world! That´s why there is no country I don´t want to travel to.

I have of course some kind of favourite list with places I want to see earlier than later.

I get part of my inspiration at the Internet, mostly from other travel blogs. There are incredibly many of them and I can identify with some of the.  Those are reliable resources for current and informative articles. They provide as well inspiration.

What I really like too are travel magazines like  “Travel and Leisure” . It´s fun being at a kiosk and browse in them. That´s how I get attention to destinations being otherwise not on top of the list. The positive about travel magazines are the professionell pictures, which can be very tempting, and less the informations.

Another personal way of travel inspiration to me is making it comfortable and go through my Atlas. It offers to every country a short description and it´s fun to flick through.  It always ends with: “This sounds great, I wanna go there”, and I already sit in front of my computer and look for flights. Like this some of my journeys started…

You can find all of the female bloggers talking about travel inspiration here.

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