5 Days, 5 Female Bloggers About Travel Inspiration

In the World Wide Web are dozens of interesting Travel Bloggers with a lot  of faszinating stories. 

My curiosity let me reach out to 5 female Travel Bloggers to ask them where and how they find their travel inspiration for future travel destinations and experiences

Inka from Blickgewinkelt

Inka Blickgewinkelt

I have of course like most of the others a loooooong list in my head with different places and events I´d like to visit and as a travel blogger it naturally doesn´t get shorter if you read stories from your colleagues.

Decisive to me are: great nature pictures in combination with interesting stories – you can capture me with it.

A long sandy beach is not really an eyecatcher for me, but adventurous places, interesting colours, of course camels (camels work all the time), and great buildings.

So I drove in Kazakhstan in addition a hundred kilometer long detour to marvel at the Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum –which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site today – because I found it on the Internet and it was not only beautiful, but it offers an interesting story as well.

Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum in Kazakhstan Credit: Inka from Blickgewinkelt
Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Mausoleum in Kazakhstan  —  Credit: Inka from Blickgewinkelt

In “Ice countries” like Greenland, Antarctica and Iceland there is no story needed. The view of the ice is enough. I am really in love with ice. Svalbard would be definitely another destination or Lappland in Winter.

Sometimes it´s pure coincidence how I get inspired: Recently I got a contact to Tadjikistan and since I saw pictures and read about the country I am totally hooked.

That sometimes gets to an extent, that I can´t let off this travel idea and I bite into it like a Pit bull, altough everything goes wrong beforehand, I still go there.

Say so: I am sometimes more, sometimes less inspired, but actually every journey can become the best of your life, it only depends on your own attitude. 

5 Days, 5 Female Travel Bloggers About Travel Inspiration – Day 3 with 6 Grad Ost

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