Dreaming about…Roussillon

Do you feel the same? Sometimes, especially when the last vacation was a while ago, you have this yearning. A yearning of a different place. You start looking at pictures you took a while ago. You see landscapes and places on the web. Sometimes you skip or scan over and then: Bam! Your eyes stop. … Read more

Croatia´s Top Islands To Visit

Did you know that Croatia has more than 1000 islands? Many of them are surrounded by crystal clear water. Most of them are uninhabited. All of them (maybe not all 1000) are totally worth to explore. 🙂 The best way to do so is by sailing but if you don´t have the choice being on a … Read more

HotRod CityTour in Vienna

Advertisement for Hot Rod. Traveling to Vienna is always a good idea. At least in our mind. Now there is another, brand new reason to definitely visit Vienna. At May 30 the HotRod CityTour starts in the capital of Austria. The HotRods are automatic with an engines capacity of 170ccm. The main points of the city tour are famous … Read more

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