Livigno – Outdoorparadise in North Italy [Video]

Livigno is also known as “Little Tibet” of the Alps.

With an altitude of 1816 m, Livigno is a popular place for athletes training for their next events.

Livigno is also the only place in Italy where freeriding and heliskiing is allowed.

I spent three days at the end of January in Livigno, being part of the Livigno outdoor event.

Besides freeriding it`s also possible to try fat biking, snowshoeing (with a spectacular view of the area), skiing, cross country skiing and ice climbing.

There are two skiing areas in Livigno. The Mottolino area and the Carosello 3000.

From the Mottolino it’s possible to see and visit Trepalle, the highest village in Europe.

Every Thursday the skiing area Carosello 3000 opens at 7 o´clock. This way skiers are able to ski down while enjoying the sunrise.

Shopping Paradise

Livigno is also a shopping paradise. The town is a duty free zone and there are more than 200 shops in the center of Livigno. If you want to do some shopping you should bring the Livigno shopping guide with you.

In Livigno you also find the highest brewery of Europe, which has its name 1816 from the altitude of Livigno.

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