Instagram Moments: The Beauty Of House Boating In France

At the end of June we had the opportunity to steer a house boat along the Saone in the Region Franche-Comté. A long dreamt dream for me came true. House boating in France.

Here are some impressions from our tour on Instagram.

We start our journey in Gray, up to Scey-sur-Saone and back. Accompanied by our blogger colleagues and friends from TravelWorldOnline, and

Oooo, lavender. We enjoyed you already during our road trip along the Lavender Route in the Provence.

We pass a narrow channel. Lights avoid collisions between the boats.

During our 5 day long tour we meet a lot of cute donkeys. You´ll find a very special one here.
But not only donkeys live along the Saone river. Lots of swans come to our boat in the hope of getting some food.

There´s a lot to see along the river if you open your eyes. Can you see the fish?

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or more about the 5 days aboard:

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We were invited to this trip by LeBoat and Franche-Comté. The opinions are as always ours.

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