Croatia´s Top Islands To Visit

Did you know that Croatia has more than 1000 islands?

Many of them are surrounded by crystal clear water. Most of them are uninhabited. All of them (maybe not all 1000) are totally worth to explore. 🙂

The best way to do so is by sailing but if you don´t have the choice being on a vessel, you can take a ferry from the main land.

So what are Croatia´s Top Islands To Visit?

Here is our pick of the 3 best islands not to miss while being in Croatia.



Hvar with the town Hvar has a nice promenade to walk along during day and night. Little shops with unique, cool handmade shirts and gifts are there, as well as some good restaurants. The best view is from the Spanjola Fort. Especially from the prison cells inside the fortress you will enjoy a nice view over the town of Hvar and its harbor.


In Stari Grad on Hvar you can visit the Tvrdalj, a renaissance castle from Petar Hektorović with its tranquil fish pond.

Islands Not To Miss In Croatia

How to get there? From Split ferries will take you to Stari Grad or Hvar.



Croatia´s Islands Not To Miss

Korcula is mainly known because of the adventurer Marco Polo. In a narrow alley in the town of Korcula it is possible to visit the house where he was born. Although I can´t remember the restaurant anymore (what a shame), that´s where I had the best Spaghetti Aglio é Oglio ever. Sorry, Italy.

How to get there? There are different ways visiting Korcula. You can take the ferry from Dubrovnik, Split and other places to Korcula.


The main reason coming to Bisevo is the Modra Spilja. The Blue Cave.

Islands Not To Miss In Croatia

Divers can explore the underwater bridge and the fascinating blue water while most of the visitors are fascinated by the Blue Grotto while sitting in a boat. It´s the first blue grotto I´ve been to and so I have no comparison, but I guess it is hard to top.

How to get there? The easiest way is from the island of Vis via ferry.

Are you interested in Croatia? Click on the pic below to get more infos and stories about Croatia:


Which island would you like to explore? The remote island of Bisevo with the Blue Grotto, or Marco Polo´s birthplace Korcula or the island of Hvar with a view from the Fort Spanjola?

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20 thoughts on “Croatia´s Top Islands To Visit”

    • Das würde deinen Kindern sicher auch gut gefallen, kann ich mir vorstellen. Das Meer in Kroatien ist ja traumhaft und viel sauberer als zB gegenüber in Italien.

  1. Totally didn’t know there were so many islands, and Hvar has always been high on my travel bucket list. Thanks for the lesson, I’m off to plan an island hopping adventure haha!

    • You should definitely do some island hopping. I had the chance sailing between the islands and I have to say that the landscape is stunning and the water is crystal clear. Hope you will enjoy Croatia as much as we did.

  2. This brings me back to my visit, 2 years ago! I went to Hvar and Korcula (and some other islands I don’t really remember unfortunately), and what you’re saying is true! They are worth exploring and everything on the islands (architecture, beaches but most of all food) is simply amazing. God I miss that place!

    Btw, is that restaurant you meant perhaps called Marco Polo as well? I ate some gorgeous pasta (and seafood and basically everything they had) there as well and I still dream of it.

  3. Wir haben früher häufig Familienurlaub in Kroatien gemacht, waren aber auf keiner der drei Inseln. Schande! Grund genug, einmal wieder hinzufahren : )

    • Es lohnt sich sehr, zumindest eine dieser Inseln zu besuchen. Seid ihr nach Kroatien geflogen oder mit dem Auto gefahren? Es ist ja doch ein weiter weg von dir aus nach Kroatien. Bedeutet für uns ja schon eine 8stündige Fahrt um gerade mal in den Norden Kroatiens zu kommen. Geschweige denn nach Dubrovnik. Da hat es einmal schon 20 Stunden gedauert….

      • Wir sind tatsächlich mit dem Auto gefahren. Immer mit einer Übernachtung auf dem Hin- und auf dem Rückweg. Manchmal haben wir ein paar Tage Italien mitgenommen und sind mit der Fähre von einer Küste zur anderen. Ich habe sehr gute Erinnerungen an die Zeit. Tolles Essen! Wir waren immer in der gleichen Pension, konnten morgens die Feigen frisch vom Baum pflücken, Tomaten vom Strauche ernten und uns einfach leger bewegen. Kein Schickimicki und darum super entspannt. Ich glaube, ich sollte einmal mit meinen Männern in die Richtung!

        • An die frischen Feigen direkt vom Baum kann ich mich auch erinnern. 😀
          Da hattet ihr ja eine lange Anreise, aber mit einer Übernachtung zwischendurch ist es dann doch um einiges entspannter.
          Und so soll ein Urlaub ja schließlich auch sein. Frei von Hetze und Unbehaglichkeit.

  4. 1000? I had no idea Croatia had so many islands! I’ve only heard of Hvar! Going to look up the rest of them now!

    • As most of them are uninhabited the choices to make are a lot smaller. 😀 As I sailed along the coast for about a month I saw a lot of of the inhabited islands and those are the three I liked definitely the best. Great you like the pictures, Sean.

  5. Croatia just looks amazing, the more and more I read about it and see these beautiful photos I think we just have to make the trip over this year! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hvar, been there done that will do it again! Korcula, can’t wait to visit here sad I missed it last time. And Bisevo, thank you so much for sharing now I can add another beauty to the list for my travels in July!


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