18 Years On A Sailboat

living on a vessel

…AND THE JOURNEY GOES ON… Austrian Couple conquers the North-West-Passage with their “La Belle Epoque” Claudia and J├╝rgen Kirchberger, an Austrian couple, live and sail since 1995 with their vessel around the globe and talk about it on their website: Fortgeblasen.at┬á. Picture: Claudia & J├╝rgen Kirchberger Right now they explore Alaska and made friends with … Read more

Shark Warrior Lesley Rochat

can one person make a difference?

Because I was so impressed about┬áShark Whisperer Sara Brenes┬┤ work saving our sharks I wanted to see if there are other women out there commited to helping sharks. So I found out about South African Lesley Rochat aka Shark Warrior. ┬á “I am not different, just brave. I am brave because I conquered my fear … Read more

Shark Whisperer Sara Brenes

Shark Whisperer Sara Brenes

Sara Brenes, Florida, is a 17 year young, lovely woman, passionate for educating as many people as possible about the truth about sharks. Sharks are so important to the oceans because they play a big role in keeping the oceans eco system balanced. Sara Brenes is the founder of the Shark Whisperer Organization at www.SharkWhisperer.org … Read more