The Best Christmas Markets in Salzburg, Austria

Die schönsten Weihnachtsmärkte in Europa

Salzburg is known for The Sound of Music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Mohr and his famous “Silent Night, Holy Night”, AND for the Advent markets at Christmas time. I was there twice and want to share with you the best Christmas markets in Salzburg. Among them are the most romantic, the largest and oldest Christmas … Read more

Salzburg, you amaze me. Things you will only experience in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is known worldwide. Known for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the real and the original Mozartkugeln, Salzburger Nockerl, the Fortress Hohensalzburg and for The Sound of Music. The last one especially in the United States, in Asia and in all countries around the world except for Austria. It´s kind of weird because some of the scenes play in Salzburg. At … Read more

Salzburg: Impressions from the city along the Salzach

At the end of November we visited the city along the river Salzach. We searched and found the Best Christmas Markets in Salzburg and attended the Gnigler Krampuslauf, where wild creatures roam the streets. Old meets Young, Antique meets New – our best pictures from Salzburg   Walking along old alleys in Salzburg we spotted … Read more

Old Tradition in Salzburg: Perchten and Krampus

Bells ring, chains rattle and suddenly you look into the eye of a wild creature. That´s what might happen to you when you are spending your time in Salzburg, Austria during Christmas time. A couple of days before the 6th of December Krampusse accompany St. Nicholas. They are wild looking creatures traditionally with 1 pair … Read more

This was 2015 – Our Best Travel Photos

I can’t believe 2015 is already over. Looks like the years are passing by faster and faster. We enjoyed some great places in 2015 and brought beautiful travel photos and memories back home. New destinations as well as visiting places we’ve already been to. This was 2015. Our Best Travel Photos Of 2015 FRANCE It’s … Read more


Presse, Referenzen, Medien CitySeaCountry Christina Leutner

Great to have you here! CitySeaCountry is the bilingual travel blog of Christina Leutner about adventures, luxury, roadtrips, as well as vegetarian / vegan food. Why CitySeaCountry? When I founded my travel blog CitySeaCountry at the end of 2013, I thought for a long time how to call the blog. I suddenly remembered the game: City-Country-River, … Read more