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Luxury Safari in South Africa – At the AM Lodge

Luxury safari in South Africa: Getting in touch with the Big Five, enjoying unspoilt nature, experiencing 100% privacy in the superior suite with a private pool, as well as being pampered in the award-winning spa. An unforgettable experience! After the flight with Qatar Airways from Vienna via Doha to Johannesburg, I fly farther north east. … Read more

Hotel and Holiday Village Vila Vita Pannonia in Austria

Located one hour from Vienna, the hotel and holiday village Vila Vita Pannonia is situated near the Lake Neusiedl and close to the Hungarian border. (It’s the first time for me to travel to this area in Austria.) On an area of 200 ha, 127 thatched bungalows and 40 hotel rooms are spread across the … Read more

This was 2015 – Our Best Travel Photos

I can’t believe 2015 is already over. Looks like the years are passing by faster and faster. We enjoyed some great places in 2015 and brought beautiful travel photos and memories back home. New destinations as well as visiting places we’ve already been to. This was 2015. Our Best Travel Photos Of 2015 FRANCE It’s … Read more

One day in Bruges – Things to do

Sehenswürdigkeiten Brügge: Ein Tag in Brugge

Bruges is a city in Flanders, Belgium. Because of its medieval charme and the historic center, Bruges is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Bruges, also called Brugge is very popular among visitors from all over the world. updated in November 2019 Being one day in a beautiful city like Bruges in Belgium is probably … Read more

Von Kultur, Kreativität, Schlössern, Türmen und Gänsehaut

Entlang der historischen Eisenstraße in Niederösterreich Wie wohl ein Hotelzimmer in der einst größten Klosteranlage Mitteleuropas aussieht? Diese Frage stelle ich mir schon auf dem Weg in das Mostviertel, welches wir schon vor zwei Monaten besucht haben, um dort frühlingshafte Winterfreuden zu erleben. KARTAUSE GAMING – KULTUR UND KREATIVITÄT GROSS GESCHRIEBEN In der Kartause in … Read more


Presse, Referenzen, Medien CitySeaCountry Christina Leutner

Great to have you here! CitySeaCountry is the bilingual travel blog of Christina Leutner about adventures, luxury, roadtrips, as well as vegetarian / vegan food. Why CitySeaCountry? When I founded my travel blog CitySeaCountry at the end of 2013, I thought for a long time how to call the blog. I suddenly remembered the game: City-Country-River, … Read more